Middlesborough Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There comes a time when sustained substance abuse has simply become untenable. We know that addiction can persist for a long time, but we congratulate you on your decision to investigate possible recovery options. When you’re sick of dealing with the consequences of addiction and want to receive real support in order to reach the goals that you have set for your recovery, we hope you’ll consider our Middlesbrough, Kentucky substance abuse treatment facility. We are a qualified team of dedicated professionals who want to make it possible for our clients to get the addiction recovery care they need.

Every plan for addiction recovery treatment that we offer at our Middlesbrough, Kentucky drug rehab clinic is personalized to suit the needs of the individual client. We are aware that every client who enters our addiction recovery center has unique needs, and we celebrate the individuality of our clients. We also provide personalized treatment plans, because by recognizing that each client is unique, we have also recognized that each addiction is unique. As such, we are aware of the simple fact that unique addictions call for unique recovery plans, and we oblige by providing every client who enters our drug rehab clinic with a customized recovery schedule.

We manage this cavalcade of customized recovery plans by beginning every client’s recovery journey in the same manner: with an in-depth interview. During this interview, we’ll ask you a variety of questions concerning your personal history of substance abuse. It is of paramount importance that you ensure your honesty during this interview, due to the fact that the details you divulge during the duration of the conversation will be integral in the formation of your recovery plan. You may find that you are hesitant to be honest about substance abuse, both to the staff member and to yourself. However, learning to confront and admit these issues will be an integral step in your recovery journey.

At our Middlesbrough, Kentucky drug treatment clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a full spectrum of therapeutic treatment strategies. This means that in addition to drug rehab center mainstays, such as individual therapy (where you’ll meet with a counselor on a personal, singular basis) and group therapy (where you’ll meet with your peers in our addiction recovery facility), will be accompanied by more holistic treatment strategies, such as art therapy and music therapy. By providing a full spectrum of treatment options, we can ensure that you get the recovery support you need.

No matter how your addiction began, or what treatment strategies will best benefit you in your current situation, our friendly experts are here to provide you with the support you need. When you’ve admitted you need the assistance of professionals to reach recovery, get in touch with the friendly experts at our Middlesbrough, Kentucky addiction recovery treatment center. Get in touch with one of our addiction counselors today, and we can answer any questions you may have about substance abuse in general as well as our treatment program in particular.

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