Shelbyville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is something that many people are struggling with, and for most people it is very difficult and daunting to face and overcome without help. Even though an individual may have begun with what seemed like harmless and occasional use of a substance for fun, many drugs can cause dependency and lead to addiction. Once this happens, putting an end to this drug use is incredibly challenging. That’s where a Shelbyville drug detox program or drug rehab can help. These programs can help anyone move past an addiction by providing expert care and proven treatment methods.

The Different Shelbyville Addiction Treatment Programs

Each treatment facility will have its own variations of methods to help patients overcome their addictions. Although every program will vary in what it will offer, there are a couple of common treatment types utilized by many centers.

Behavioral therapy has been a popular treatment for a long time. Through therapy, the patient can learn more about him or herself, and what thoughts and emotions may have led to their substance use problem. He or she can then develop ways to manage these feelings and in turn avoid future substance use. Therapy can occur in private with just the patient and a therapist involved, or it can take place in a group setting, typically with a small pool of 10 or fewer patients. With private therapy, the session will focus entirely on the patient, while in group therapy, participants can share their experiences and support each other. Many treatment facilities will encourage patients to make use of both types of behavioral therapy to get the full range of benefits.

Non-addictive medication is another common aspect of treatment. Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely challenging for the patient to go through, and in many cases can be the cause of people relapsing when they are trying to get over an addiction. Medication does not get rid of these withdrawal symptoms entirely, but it can be very effective in helping patients manage the worst of the symptoms and get through this tough time. The medication chosen depends on the drug the patient has been taking. Alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin and prescription drugs all have different effects on the body and will therefore probably require different medications to deal with the withdrawals they create. Facilities may continue to offer medication as treatment progresses to help the patient deal with any cravings they experience.

Staying at a Shelbyville Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

A patient can live on site at an inpatient drug rehab center, either in a shared room or a private room. The period in which the patient lives at the facility could be a few days, a few weeks or even several months. It all depends on the needs of the patient, the treatment plan set out for them and how they respond to it.

At some inpatient facilities in Shelbyville, a stay may only last as long as it takes for a patient to successfully complete a medically supervised detox. But there will be other centers which will have patients stay there far longer, including further rehab treatments to help them make a lasting lifestyle change.

Inpatient facilities typically use medication and addiction therapy. They help the patient by providing 24/7 support and monitoring by trained medical staff. Another major benefit is that they keep patients away from the temptations of their usual environments.

Going to Shelbyville Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

In many ways an inpatient and outpatient program will be very similar, including many of the treatment methods they use. However, with an intensive outpatient program, the patient will visit for treatment sessions, but can then return home once the day’s treatment is over rather than staying at the facility full-time. Although it’s more common for a Shelbyville drug detox program to be carried out at an inpatient facility, there are also outpatient detox programs available for patients who don’t need a medically supervised detox.

Outpatient facilities use behavioral therapy, but some will also prescribe medication. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment will start out with frequent visits, typically every day, and then lessen in intensity as the patient progresses. These facilities are especially beneficial for patients who need to commit to receiving treatment, but also need to continue fulfilling any responsibilities in their everyday lives while getting that treatment. These can include maintaining a job or caring for their family.

There are quite a few programs available for people in Shelbyville, Jeffersontown, Frankfort and Fern Creek. Selecting a program that’s a good fit is vital when it comes to ensuring a patient’s success. This is an area where our addiction specialists can be of assistance. Our experts know how to talk to patients about their addictions and issues, before locating a program to fit their specific needs.

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