Versailles Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are searching for the solution to addiction, you should be aware that our friendly and welcoming experts are ready and willing to extend you the helping hand you need to overcome substance abuse and reach recovery successfully. Regardless of how you came to be entangled in addiction, our friendly and well-trained addiction specialists will help you identify the areas where you need extra support and provide treatment accordingly. Don’t continue to struggle with substance abuse. The help you need is available right here at our Versailles, Kentucky drug rehab clinic, and we’re waiting to hear from you now.

We know that it can be intimidating to consider the pursuit of addiction recovery treatment at a drug rehab center. However, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that will quickly forego these concerns. When you’ve enrolled in our substance abuse treatment program, you’ll begin by taking part in an intake interview. During this interview, one of our friendly experts will ask you a number of questions. These questions might involve your duration of use, details about your substance of choice and usage habits, and even inquiries after any possibile history of substance abuse that your family might possess.

For some of our clients, sharing this type of intimate information about their history of addiction is difficult at best. However, rest assured that the questions asked during our intake interviews are far from frivolous. A core component of the recovery philosophy here at our Versailles, Kentucky drug rehab center is the notion that every individual can benefit from a personalized plan for recovery treatment. We know that each client is a unique person, and as such, the addiction with which they are dealing is also unique. By providing each client with a plan for substance abuse recovery treatment, we gain confidence in the notion that every client is getting the care they need.

One of the foundational elements of the comprehensive addiction recovery program we offer is our group therapy program. During group therapy, clients have the opportunity to meet with one another in a group setting. This affords the opportunity to share triumphs and defeats, to offer support when your peers are struggling and congratulations when they have succeeded. At first, the idea of sharing with the group can cause apprehension, but many of our clients discover that group therapy is one of their favorite aspects of our recovery plans.

Once you’ve graduated from our Versailles, Kentucky drug addiction treatment facility, you won’t have to question whether or not the experts we staff will continue to support you as you take the next steps on your journey to recovery. We provide every client with a customized plan for aftercare treatment. By following the personalized recovery strategies contained in this aftercare plan, our clients will recognize that our friendly experts are dedicated to ensuring they have the best possible opportunity to overcome addiction. Get in touch today and we can begin the process of treatment immediately.

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