Mandeville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you or a loved one is suffering from the effects of a substance use disorder, finding the right treatment program is among the most important life decisions you can make. Although recognizing the nature of addiction itself is typically the most challenging part of getting on the road to recovery, once someone has had the insight into their own condition, it enables them to understand that they are dealing with a problem out of their control to find a solid, professional treatment program. It is easier than ever.

Our drug rehab center in Mandeville, Louisiana has been helping people to achieve lasting sobriety for decades. With thousands of successfully helped clients, our substance abuse treatment facility in Mandeville ranks among the most successful of any in the area. Our friendly and professional staff make clients feel like they are at home, reducing the angst and uncertainty that comes from trying to live a sober life when one has become accustomed to the effects of substances or years.

Supervised detox is a key component in any full recovery

Our addiction recovery center in Mandeville is based on the idea that any good treatment program begins with a completed detox. One reason why so many self-imposed efforts at recovery from drug abuse fail is because the person simply hasn’t had enough time away from their drug of choice to have the chance to make a successful recovery. Generally speaking, someone needs to fully detox for there to be a significant chance of achieving long-term abstinence.

Because the detox process can have complications, our addiction treatment clinic in Mandeville is staffed by highly trained professionals, who have every tool at their disposal to ensure that the client is eased through the detox process in the safest and most effective way possible. Each year, our addiction treatment center in Mandeville handles detoxifications ranging from recreational users to the most dependent alcoholics, the latter often requiring intensive treatment and careful monitoring.

This vast experience means that the team at our addiction recovery facility has the training and experience to help nearly any client through the detox process, no matter their drug of choice or usage patterns.

Diagnosing underlying mental health conditions is critical

Another critical aspect of a successful addiction treatment protocol, which science has confirmed in many ways, is the accurate diagnosis of any underlying mental health concerns, which may be driving the client to engage in increased levels of drinking or drug use. Our drug rehab clinic in Mandeville employs credentialed psychologists who are able to quickly and accurately diagnose any underlying mental health disorder that may be leading to or worsening drug or alcohol abuse.

Studies have shown that as many as half of all people suffering from drug or alcohol abuse in the United States have comorbid mental health conditions that either lie at the root of their substance abuse problems or make them significantly worse. This underscores the importance of accurately and quickly discovering any underlying conditions that may be leading the client to self-medicate with illegal or legal drugs. Because these clients are often not engaging in substance abuse for the joy or thrill of it but rather to ameliorate the painful symptoms of an underlying mental condition, they are often highly treatable, having recovery rates that are relatively high when the comorbid condition is effectively treated.

Our program has helped thousands of people get on the road to permanent recovery. For more information, please call Addiction or visit our facility today for a free consultation at our drug rehab clinic in Mandeville, Louisiana.

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