Berwick Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Freedom From Addiction at a Drug Rehab Center

While addiction may feel like a lonely and dark path that has no relief in sight, there is hope. The hope for recovery over addiction, for both the person caught in the sticky web of substance abuse and those who love them, comes in the form of our addiction recovery facility in Berwick, Maine.

Our addiction treatment center in Berwick provides a sanctuary for those who are stuck in the quagmire of substance addiction. Our facility includes comfortable and safe surroundings, which help our clients feel at ease and at home as they begin their recovery journey. Our professional and experienced staff will also help to make the client feel confident as they progress through the recovery process.

The professionals at our Berwick drug rehab clinic will work closely with our clients and their families to create a treatment strategy that is unique to their specific needs. This process starts with supervised detox. The detox stage of recovery is integral because it rids the client’s system of all the remnants of the offending substance. This is an essential step in recovery that should be supervised by a professional.

Although detox is a necessary part of the recovery process, it can be scary and intimidating. To help eliminate some of the danger and stress associated with detox, a qualified professional supervises our clients for the duration of the process. Supervised detox is one of the most important services offered by our Berwick addiction treatment clinic facility. Supervision during detox can make the whole process safer and less stressful for the client and their family.

When our client has completed the initial detox stage, they will begin their personalized recovery program. A mental health assessment will soon follow. A co-occurring mental health disorder can make the process of addiction recovery more complex, but we can help provide these clients with adequate treatment thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dealing with the co-occurring disorder through dual diagnosis mental health treatment will increase the client’s chance of a long-term recovery.

An important aspect in the treatment of addiction available at our substance abuse treatment facility is group therapy. The clients at our addiction recovery center will be able to access organized and professionally supervised group therapy sessions. These group sessions are designed to help encourage clients to openly communicate with others who are in a similar situation. They are also designed to create positive feedback when open communication is achieved. Group therapy is about creating relationships with others. It is also about self-discovery and awareness. When the client learns that they are not alone in their struggle with addiction, they will begin to openly discuss their personal histories, current struggles, and future dreams.

After the client has completed the treatment program at our Berwick drug rehab center, they will continue to be supported through individualized aftercare. Just like the treatment plan that was created and implemented in our substance abuse treatment facility, the aftercare strategy will be unique to the client. Aftercare options vary by the client but may include a combination of continued mental health assessments and treatment, group and individual therapy sessions, and ongoing educational classes.

Some people who struggle with addiction find that the initial step of contacting an addiction recovery center is the most difficult. When they finally come to the realization that they need professional help, they are actually taking an important first step to recovery. Our drug rehab center in Berwick, Maine is on a mission to help those who can’t help themselves. We will be there, not only for our client, but also for their family and friends in their time of need.

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