Hampden Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Recovery from addiction is a long process. During that process, one of the greatest indicators of a successful recovery is the community of people you surround yourself with. At our drug rehab center in Hampden, Maine, you will be introduced to a caring community of supportive individuals who will last throughout your treatment and beyond.

When you choose a substance abuse treatment facility in our network, group therapy is an important part of the process. It’s important to talk about your feelings and experiences leading up to the addiction and how you have struggled to battle it. Speaking about these experiences with other clients at our Hampden addiction treatment clinic has proven to be a successful way to deal with those feelings.

Of course, recovery from addiction requires professional help. At our addiction recovery center in Hampden, you will also have skilled professionals and therapists who know the process of addiction recovery and are dedicated to helping you get through it.

The first step in any drug rehab center is detox, which allows your body to rid itself of any drugs that are still in your system. This is often a very hard step for clients. During this process, you will be closely monitored to ensure that your body heals. Once the drugs are out of your system, you can begin the other therapies needed for a successful rehabilitation.

Our addiction recovery facility in Hampden understands that you may be battling more than addiction. You may also be struggling with anxiety, depression, or another mental illness. This is known as a dual diagnosis. Each condition needs to be evaluated and a plan formed to treat each condition. When you choose an addiction treatment center in the Addiction Now network, rest assured that the professionals you work with are experienced with dual diagnoses.

Battling an addiction doesn’t end when you are well enough to leave our Hampden addiction recovery center. It is vital that you continue certain therapies and techniques you learned to continue to stay sober. Our therapists will get you set up with an individualized recovery plan that includes steps to take after you leave the drug rehab clinic. Following the steps on your aftercare plan and relying on the community of support you created will help you keep your addiction as a memory, not a present battle. Call Addiction Now today and we will help you with an appointment at our drug rehab clinic in Hampden, Maine.

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