Old Town Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Understanding the Importance of Drug Treatment Programs

If you or any of your loved ones is battling addiction, you already understand substance abuse is a serious problem. Fortunately, those who opt to enroll in the inpatient treatment program at our Old Town, Maine drug rehab center have much better odds in the battle against addiction. How is this high degree of success achieved? Maintaining your recovery when you are confined to familiar spaces under such circumstances can be challenging.

Our inpatient treatment provides the opportunity to escape the stresses of your daily life. The recovery environment doesn’t present temptations, giving you space and time to focus on the problems that caused substance abuse. Listed below are advantages of inpatient treatment in our Old Town, Maine addiction treatment center.

Helps Clients Achieve Sobriety

If you or your loved one haven’t stopped abusing alcohol or drugs, an inpatient treatment program helps start the recovery journey. You get the chance to stay away from temptations, including your drug of choice. Since the early recovery stages are difficult, many substance users benefit from a structured program, including assistance from professionals to start the healing process.

Structured Environment

All the things you do in an addiction recovery facility are geared towards recovery. This includes everything from the daily programs, group sessions, and one on one sessions. Outdoor activities also help customers spend their free time wisely.

All-inclusive Treatment

Substance abuse affects almost all domains of a person’s life. It can affect work, change relationships, and contribute to co-occurring mental health issues, and lower self-esteem and confidence. When you get to our Old Town, Maine drug rehab clinic, your treatment is structured to heal you as a whole. The experts look at all aspects of your life and work with you to create a customized plan around your issues. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment is provided when clients are struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder.

Supervised Detoxification

Detoxification involves clearing the remnants of a substance from the system. With the help of professionals from our substance abuse treatment facility, the chances of relapsing are greatly reduced. If you are struggling with drug addiction, consider visiting our drug detox clinic.

Round the Clock Care

Customers with addiction issues require intensive services at all hours of the day. Through an inpatient program staffed with experts, you will get all the help you need to achieve recovery. If you face problems with substance abuse, even at night, someone will be there to guide you. This is critical, especially in early recovery, a time when the abstinence challenges can be overwhelming.

Support Network

All inpatient programs are created to be ready-made support networks. You are placed in groups with other people who have committed themselves to recovery. These clients are also dealing with substance abuse problems. Nothing provides support like a community of like-minded people working towards one goal in an addiction recovery center.

When you join an addiction treatment clinic in Old Town, Maine, you’ll work with professionals on different aspects of your life. Even after you’re through with the program, you’ll still have scheduled follow up appointments. This way, you’ll get support upon discharge.

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