South Berwick Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction Treatment Centers Offer Hope

In the dark world of addiction, there is hope in recovery at Addiction Now. Our drug rehab center in South Berwick, Maine can help guide a person who is suffering from addiction and their family. Our addiction treatment clinic in South Berwick will work with each client and their family to find the right treatment and aftercare for their unique situation.

The first step to recovery and sobriety is detox. The process can be painful and stressful. At our South Berwick addiction treatment clinic, the client is supervised during this process. This close supervision helps the client navigate through the process and helps eliminate some of the confusion, stress, and danger.

After the detox process is complete, the client will go through therapy and treatment. In order for this to process to be effective, the client must feel safe and secure in their environment. At our South Berwick addiction treatment center, we aim to create an atmosphere of acceptance and love, while maintaining a professional relationship with the client.

Mental illness is often a contributor to addiction. Addiction can also contribute to mental illness. A proper diagnosis of the mental illness, as well as a proactive treatment plan, are necessary for recovery at an addiction recovery facility. A professional diagnosis of can help therapists and other professionals not only better understand the client, but learn how to properly treat them. Monitored implementation of the treatment can greatly improve the recovery process.

While professional therapy is an important element in recovery, group therapy can also greatly improve the client’s chances of success. By meeting and getting to know other people who are going through the same situations and trials as they are, the client will feel safe and secure. Open discussion is usually a result of a comfortable and safe group therapy experience.

Through analysis, group therapy sessions and a mental illness analysis, the experienced staff at our substance abuse treatment facility in South Berwick can create a treatment plan specifically personalized to each client. This support at our drug rehab clinic will help the client meet their goals of recovery and sobriety.

After the client has completed treatment at our South Berwick addiction recovery center, they should not be thrown back into society without support. Aftercare is a major part of the recovery process. A specific aftercare program should be created for each individual client. A client should continue to work through the suggested aftercare treatment program to maintain a life free of substance abuse.

Someone with a substance abuse issue can reclaim their life through the experienced support and care at our addiction recovery center in South Berwick, Maine.

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