Waterboro Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Understanding Drug Rehab and How It Can Help

A drug rehab clinic can be necessary for people suffering from drug addiction. The combination of detox and therapies we provide at our Waterboro, Maine addiction recovery center enables the client to stop abusing substances and begin to live a healthy and a sober life. Some individuals may think trying to find an addiction recovery plan that suits their needs seems daunting, but at our substance abuse treatment facility, every client can find the treatment program that best suits their needs.

Recovery at our addiction treatment center

Our Waterboro, Maine addiction recovery facility provides with a wide range of addiction recovery treatment in order to accommodate a broad range of clientele. We offer individual treatment programs customized to individual needs, regardless of the drug being abused. Regardless of the unique circumstances surrounding your particular situation, we can provide the support you need to successfully overcome substance abuse.

Differences between drug abuse and addiction

Individuals can sometimes find themselves confused when trying to define their relationship with drugs. Drug abuse is the consistent abuse of substances over an extended period with negative consequences. These negative impacts may be work-related, health-related, legal, financial, and interpersonal.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that makes an individual compulsively seek out drugs, regardless of any harmful consequences. When addiction begins, all the adverse effects encountered during drug abuse become devastating, making it hard for individuals to relate to others at school, work, or in the community. When addiction has grown out of hand, individuals can benefit from the support we provide at our Waterboro, Maine substance abuse treatment facility.

Types of treatment programs

Residential and outpatient treatment programs are the two main types of drug rehab programs. They are both valid options, and the better choice will vary based on the experiences and needs of a particular individual. A residential addiction recovery center program offers an individual time away from distractions and temptations that come with everyday life.

An outpatient drug rehab center benefits individuals who require a more flexible schedule due to family, school, or work. The approach allows clients to stay with their support network at home and maintain limited movement either at school or work. Both plans offer clients a different range of counseling and therapeutic alternatives with the aim of a long-term recovery. If you’re unsure what plan would best serve your needs, you can speak with one of our addiction technicians.

Schedule of care

Many individuals can benefit from time at our Waterboro, Maine addiction treatment clinic. When clients enter our addiction recovery program, they undergo a supervised detox process that defines the nature of their rehab experience. Clients also undergo counseling to work on any co-occurring mental health issues they may be working through. Lastly, they get the aftercare necessary to ensure they get the treatment they need when they leave the addiction recovery facility.

If you or someone you care is struggling with drug addiction, don’t wait for any more to get help. Contact our substance abuse treatment facility in Waterboro, Maine to get the necessary assistance today.

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