Catonsville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a serious issue that’s very challenging to overcome on your own, without the support of professionals. It often starts with an individual using a substance socially. From here it can quickly get out of hand, developing into a dependency that affects every part of a person’s life. Whether it’s heroin, marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs or something different, any substance has the potential to cause addiction.

The good news is that a Catonsville drug detox program or drug rehab program can help. These programs use a variety of different treatments to help patients get free of drugs and stay that way, and both inpatient and outpatient options are available.

Methods Used in Catonsville Addiction Treatment Programs

Treatment varies depending on the patient, the type of program they choose and the stage the patient is at. There are, though, several common types of treatments found across different programs.

When a patient begins treatment, he or she will start with the detox process. Because drugs can cause withdrawal symptoms, the program may provide medication to help. Detox often occurs at Catonsville inpatient drug detox centers so that staff can provide medical supervision, although there are also intensive outpatient detox options. If the patient experiences cravings after detoxing, the program may also provide medication to help with that.

Addiction therapy is a common part of the detox and rehab process because it helps the patient develop the tools they need to avoid future drug use. There are multiple therapy formats at treatment programs. One-on-one therapy allows the patient to work privately with their therapist to understand their thoughts and emotions, breaking down what caused them to use drugs. Group therapy involves multiple patients talking together with a therapist. The group format gives patients the opportunity to provide one another with moral support. Programs often utilize a combination of all these therapy techniques.

Living at a Catonsville Inpatient Drug Rehab

An inpatient program will have patients reside at the treatment facility. The typical time a patient will spend in a program like this is at least one to three months, but can be longer. In Catonsville inpatient drug detox centers, the patient will reside at the center through their detox process at the least, but may continue to live there while going through drug rehab.

Inpatient programs have a few key advantages. They are the most effective option for detoxing because staff can provide 24/7 medical supervision. Having staff available at all times is especially helpful when patients go through withdrawals or cravings. The patient will also be kept away from any temptations.

Getting Care at Catonsville Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

For some patients, intensive outpatient addiction treatment is also an option. Here, a patient goes to the facility for treatment but is able to return to his or her normal life after each session, and doesn’t stay at the facility. Although detox is usually done in an inpatient setting, there are also outpatient detox options available.

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment operates on a sliding scale of intensity, gradually becoming less intense as the patient progresses toward recovery. At the beginning of treatment, the patient will likely need to come in every day. Once they’re further along in their treatment plan, they can come in less often.

The two most important aspects for an individual to beat an addiction is taking that first step to get help and finding the right treatment program.

That’s where we can help. Our addiction specialists can help match individuals in Catonsville, Arbutus, Ellicott City and Calverton with a treatment program that fits their needs. That may be an inpatient drug detox center or an intensive outpatient program. Each specialist will listen carefully to fully understand the situation and recommend a program.

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