Essex Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For individuals dealing with addiction, it can be hard to find the right Essex drug detox program. There are quite a few different programs out there, and finding one that’s a good fit is essential when it comes to the success of a treatment plan.

Drug use often escalates from what was supposed to be a one-time thing to something an individual does every day, escalating into an addiction that affects work and relationships, not to mention a person’s health. Taking that first step by getting in touch with a treatment program isn’t easy for anyone. It can be just as difficult for someone who has already gone through a program without success, as someone looking to try treatment for the first time.

Our addiction specialists have the experience to match individuals with the right treatment programs, which include the following options.

Learn More About Essex Inpatient Drug Rehab

Treatment programs can be divided into two basic categories: inpatient and outpatient. At an inpatient drug detox center in Essex, patients live at the treatment facility for a set period of time. Sometimes this will just be for the detox process, but usually it will be for at least 30 days, and could be 90 days or longer. Within these extended inpatient stays, patients with undergo therapy aimed at helping them make a lasting lifestyle change.

Inpatient programs ensure that patients have supervision and support at all times. Clients live either in shared or private rooms, and there will always be staff available to help and support them. This framework provides vital support, and more importantly it keeps the patient away from the environment in which they first started using drugs. In addition, patients can benefit from staying with people who are going through many of the same experiences they are.

Common treatment options at Essex inpatient drug detox centers include group therapy meetings and one-on-one sessions, run by trained counselors. Doctors may give clients medication to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that occur with many drugs, including cocaine, prescription opioids, alcohol and heroin. Inpatient programs typically support clients by inviting visiting friends and family to express support as part of the recovery journey.

Essex Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Recovery

Although an outpatient treatment program may have many of the same elements as an inpatient program, the key difference is that clients don’t live on-site. Patients will come in, complete their treatment for the day and leave. Outpatient programs in Essex often have patients coming in from Rossville, Rosedale and Middle River.

The advantage of an intensive outpatient program is that people don’t need to put their lives on hold while they address substance dependencies. Not everyone can afford to stop going to work for a month or more, and it can be especially difficult for parents of children. An outpatient program gives people a way to get help and continue to fulfill their other responsibilities at the same time. When someone begins going to an outpatient program, they will likely need to go every day. Later, they may be able to go less often.

Find Help With Essex Addiction Treatment Programs

There are quite a few different addiction treatment programs available with both inpatient and outpatient facilities. The aforementioned group and one-on-one therapies are important parts of any recovery program as they help people pinpoint the cause of their addictions. Cognitive behavioral therapy is another approach that many facilities use when working with clients.

For people who use drugs frequently, it’s best to start with a Essex drug detox program to get the drug out of their systems and deal with the withdrawal process. Inpatient drug detox centers are more common, but there are also outpatient options available for this. Those who haven’t developed as much of a dependency may not need a detox program.

Finding the right program is essential because one program won’t work for everybody. Our substance abuse disorder specialists can help individuals choose the addiction treatment program that’s right for them by talking to them about their relationships with problem substances and any previous therapies they’ve tried. After a phone consultation, our addiction specialists will recommend treatment centers that they feel are the best fit.

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