Massachusetts Drug Rehabs

Substance Abuse Statistics in Massachusetts

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association, or SAMHSA, estimates that 550,000 residents of Massachusetts struggle with alcohol use disorder. They also estimate that over 900,000 residents used illicit street drugs in 2015. Thankfully, there are numerous Massachusetts drug rehabs located all throughout the state.

We want to see you get help for your substance use disorder. You may already be struggling with problems at home, criminal charges or risk of losing your job due to your substance use. If you are struggling with a dual diagnosis such as depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, it can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, Massachusetts alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs are available.

No matter what substance you’re dealing with, help is available when you pick up the phone. We can help you find an ideal treatment center when you want to recover from opioid, illegal substance or alcohol abuse.

Massachusetts addiction treatment is available when you call our treatment specialists at (888)959-9381. Contact us today for assistance.

Massachusetts Inpatient Drug Rehabs

If you need medically supervised inpatient rehabilitation, Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab is an option. At an inpatient rehab facility, you’ll receive mental health treatment as well as medical assistance with substance use rehabilitation. By receiving treatment for both issues at the same time, you can work toward resolving any underlying depression and anxiety that may be contributing to your substance addiction.

The opioid crisis is especially strong in Barnstable County, so you’ll find a number of inpatient rehabilitation opportunities in this area. Illegal substance use is most common in the Boston region, and there are many resources for inpatient rehabilitation there as well.

Massachusetts Outpatient Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Massachusetts outpatient addiction treatment programs allow you to stay close to home while receiving rehabilitation services. You are able to go to work and be with your family, helping you maintain a sense of stability. Some outpatient rehab programs provide non-addictive medical treatment, such as doses of buprenorphine or naltrexone, in order to aid in your recovery. If you have co-morbidity or a dual-diagnosis, you’ll be able to receive outpatient mental health care as well.

When you contact us for help locating an outpatient rehabilitation, we’ll ask you several questions to determine the right location for you. We’ll recommend a location that will best match your needs as each facility primarily focuses on different substances and lifestyles. If possible, we’ll do our best to place you close to home. Because there are many rehab facilities throughout the state, there is a very good chance that we can keep you local. Regardless of where you go, you’ll meet friends and accountability partners who can make a difference in your rehabilitation.

There are many options for outpatient care throughout the state. A member of our network of providers can talk to you about your rehabilitation needs and find a location that works best for you. Reach out to a Massachusetts drug rehab specialist today by calling us at (888)959-9381.

Massachusetts Sober Living Homes

Sometimes those leaving inpatient rehabilitation are in need of a temporary home to stay in. If you are in need of a temporary residence, there are many sober living homes available. These homes allow you to go to work and be close to your home base while continuing to receive treatment. You’ll also meet other residents and be able to receive services such as mental health counseling. While you may have a curfew or mandatory drug testing, these are all for your benefit to ensure that you are actively on the road to sober living.

At your sober living home, you’ll make friends and have a chance to turn your life around. You’ll be able to adjust to life without drugs before going back home. This new location may be just what you need for a fresh perspective.

We understand your concerns about sober living homes and are ready to answer your questions. Whether you’re concerned about finding a convenient location to sharing a home with others, we can find an option that best suits your needs. We want to work with you so that you can be clean for the rest of your life. Call our Massachusetts rehabilitation specialists at (888)959-9381 for more information.

Get Started on Recovery

We want to hear from you so that we can connect you with the help you’re looking for. When you call, we’ll begin the process of finding a rehab facility for you, answering questions about finances and beginning the placement. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you. Massachusetts drug rehab assistance is readily available, and the sooner you call, the better.

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