Belmont Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Belmont Inpatient Drug Rehab

Addiction is a chronic disease that severely impacts a person, their family and everyone they come into contact with. An addiction to substances like heroin, alcohol, prescription drugs or marijuana can have lasting impacts on how a person’s brain works. While some changes cannot be reversed, the addiction itself can be overcome with help from treatment programs in Belmont. When a person is ready to move past addiction and start living a healthy, drug-free life, Belmont inpatient drug detox centers can help with the recovery process. These centers offer treatment programs that are designed to get drugs out of the body and help people work on making positive behavioral changes.

Inpatient drug rehab services are performed in a residential facility under the supervision of addiction medicine physicians, psychologists, nurses and social workers. These professionals make it possible for a person to detox from drugs in a safe, clean and modern facility. An inpatient drug rehab center offers a full spectrum of services to people living in this city, as well as people from Watertown, Arlington, Waltham and other nearby areas. Men and women, teenagers, adults and seniors from all backgrounds can start the process of drug detox and rehab at a Belmont inpatient drug detox center, and get the help they need. Addiction professionals provide a structured and safe environment for rehab.

Belmont Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

While inpatient addiction treatment services are efficient, some people prefer the flexibility of an intensive outpatient addiction treatment service. In an outpatient program, rehab professionals help people who are facing an addiction to heroin, alcohol, prescription drugs or marijuana. People come to Belmont drug detox programs from the nearby communities of Watertown, Arlington or Waltham in order to overcome their addiction to drugs. The intensive outpatient services provided at these centers help a person delve into the root causes behind their substance use disorder. The doctors help patients explore their triggers and find other methods of coping. This will help them avoid turning back to drugs when they face tough situations in the future.

The outpatient services also help people manage stress and anger with healthy coping mechanisms such as exercise or slow-breathing techniques. Social workers and psychological counselors work one-on-one with each person in order to develop individualized strategies for breaking free of the cycle of addiction. Group therapy is also offered in the outpatient setting, which helps people practice sound communication strategies and conflict-resolution techniques.

Belmont Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction medicine physicians use techniques based on research and positive results to help patients using a Belmont drug detox program. Drug detox is an essential first step, so that a person’s body can be free of the influence of the addictive substance. Following detox, counselors provide individual therapy sessions, designed to explore a person’s background, family history and personal history of drug use, as well as for exploring what may have triggered the person to turn to drugs. In group therapy sessions, counselors help people learn how to repair damaged relationships with their families. They also show people how to avoid the places and people that they associate with heroin, alcohol, prescription drugs or marijuana. They aim to reduce risks of relapse by helping people develop alternative techniques for coping with the stresses of everyday life. Many facilities in Belmont make it simple for a person living in Watertown, Arlington or Waltham to complete a drug detox program with convenient locations or flexible scheduling. With professional addiction therapy services, people can overcome addiction.

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