Lawrence Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Beyond Rehab: A Holistic Experience

Finding the right addiction recovery facility certainly means enrolling in a program known for its superior treatment offerings. You should consider our Lawrence, Massachusetts addiction treatment clinic. Let our experience and expertise help you overcome the issues that addiction has placed in your path.

Properly Paced Program

The friendly and experienced team at our Lawrence, Massachusetts drug rehab center wants to ensure that the program is tailored to fit your specific needs. For example, you can work with a team member to determine the duration of your stay, the specific services that will best benefit you, and revisions to the plan that should be made as you progress.

Emphasis on Well-being

Strategies employed at this facility help you overcome addiction and reach your recovery goals. Learning how to stop yourself from falling back into old habits is important, but the team members at our Lawrence, Massachusetts addiction recovery center are also invested in ensuring any contributing factors are neutralized. In instances where the client is struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder, for example, we can provide the benefit of dual diagnosis. You may suffer from both addiction and a co-occurring condition, and in order to provide complete treatment, each must be eradicated.

Security and Support

Regardless of how much you know about the program, going into a drug rehab clinic can feel a little scary. Our Lawrence, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment facility works to set your mind at ease. The support team members are there to provide you with assurance and a sense of security. Also, the facility offers supervised detox, so you can have the encouragement you need from the start.

Community Effort

You also don’t have to feel as though you’re embarking upon this journey alone. Our team members are there for you, and so are the other clients. Together, you will form a community of support. When you start your path to freedom from addiction, you may feel as though you would rather not confide in anyone else.

However, as you see the other client’s at our Lawrence, Massachusetts substance abuse treatment center opening up, you will understand how beneficial communication can be. Making friendships with others at our addiction treatment center can be one of the most rewarding parts of our program. You can form a network of support now that will last into the future.

Continued Assistance

As you progress through the recovery program, you will learn about the benefits of support from our team members and your peers. Even after the program ends, you will continue to work with support staff to enhance your return to the outside world thanks to our aftercare programs. Your treatment and assistance don’t end when you move out of the treatment center. Instead, you can continue to find new ways to navigate the various situations you’re likely to encounter.

Enrolling in a rehab program means you’ll be focusing on the issues that have led to your addiction and how to stop this addiction from controlling the rest of your life. You also get to embrace new experiences and work toward making your life better overall. Get in touch with the friendly counselors at our Lawrence, Massachusetts drug rehab center and find out how we can help.

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