Lowell Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Admitting that you have a problem with drug dependency and finally resolving to do something about it can be one of the hardest steps you’ll ever take. But with the right program, it is possible to raise your chances of making a successful and lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction very high.

Our drug rehab center in Lowell, Massachusetts uses an evidence-based treatment approach, maximizing our client’s’ chances of recovery and providing them with a strong network and newfound confidence to face life without the need for your substance of choice.

Our addiction treatment center in Lowell is staffed by highly trained, professional employees who make our clients feel at home. Clients at our addiction recovery facility also interact extensively with other people sharing their struggle for sobriety, creating lasting friendships and bonds that can serve as a crucial extended social support network on the long road to recovery.

Detox is among the most important elements of treatment

At our drug rehab clinic, you’ll find highly trained staff who are able to handle the detoxification process safely and effectively. Whether a client is an occasional user of illegal street drugs or a lifelong alcoholic, our supervised detox program will help them get through the challenging process of detoxification comfortably and without complication.

Our substance abuse treatment facility is community based

One of the most important things on the road to recovery is the ability to form lasting bonds with those that are on a similar journey towards sobriety. Our addiction recovery center in Lowell creates a friendly, high-trust atmosphere where clients feel empowered to talk about their fears and anxieties without being judged.

This environment of open and honest dialogue is a key component in our program, allowing the client to change their thinking and slowly relearn how to interact socially without having to rely on the use of substances.

The ability to form strong bonds with peers who are on the same journey towards lasting sobriety is one of the most crucial factors in achieving lasting recovery from a drug or alcohol use disorder.

The importance of dual diagnosis

Our addiction treatment clinic in Lowell also employs trained psychologists, who are able to detect any underlying mental disorder that may be a contributing factor in the client’s substance abuse.

It has long been recognized by the rehab community that treating any underlying mental health condition for those suffering from a substance use disorder is strongly associated with an improved outcome. In many cases, the presence of an underlying mental health condition is a strong indication that the substance use disorder may represent an attempt by the person to self-medicate. This often leads to a vicious cycle, where the substance use leads the person to feel initially better but ultimately exacerbates the underlying mental disorder, leading to increased consumption of the substance.

Our facilities take a holistic approach, addressing all of these concerns under the umbrella of a single, cohesive program. Don’t wait any longer, call Addiction Now today to get started on creating a program at our drug rehab center in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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