East Lansing Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Recovery from Addiction

Treatment for drug addiction is possible when you find a drug rehab center that provides you with treatment hand-tailored to meet your needs. For clients with a co-occurring mental health disorder, we provide dual diagnosis. Our East Lansing, Michigan substance abuse treatment facility can treat a co-occurring mental health disorder in conjunction with providing treatment for substance abuse thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

Treatment at our East Lansing, Michigan drug rehab clinic will allow the client to safely detox from drugs or alcohol while also getting help for any co-occurring mental health disorder. Treatment consists of working closely with our team of experts and getting the support they need in a safe, nurturing environment. Each client in our East Lansing, Michigan addiction recovery center works with a counselor to develop a treatment plan that is unique to their particular needs.

Recovery starts with a period of supervised detox in our addiction treatment center. This may last only a few days, depending on the client and their addiction situation. Clients enjoy a much higher rate of success when they detox under supervision. This is the safest way to ensure the client can purge the remnants of drugs or alcohol from their body.

Once detox is over, the therapeutic process begins. At our East Lansing, Michigan addiction treatment clinic, we ensuring that every client receives the therapeutic support they need. Clients attend group meetings throughout the day, getting the support necessary from peers. Group meetings are a critical part of successful recovery from addiction, as this is where clients learn how to live a life alongside other who are struggling with addiction. Peer support in rehab often evolves, becoming a long term network of sober support once outside of our East Lansing, Michigan substance abuse treatment facility.

At our addiction recovery facility, clients also have regular meetings with a therapist on a one-on-one basis. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we are able to treat both the co-occurring mental health disorder and addiction at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment is specialized, and offers clients the best chance at successfully reaching their recovery goals.

Depending on your situation, and any responsibilities you may have outside of the drug rehab clinic, you may want to consider an intensive outpatient program. For clients who cannot take an extended break from their day-to-day responsibilities, the outpatient program allows for the pursuit of recovery without sacrificing you commitments. Ask one of our addiction technicians if you think an outpatient program would be right for you.

No matter what substances to which you are addicted, treatment is available and begins with a call for help. The process takes time, but the friendly and knowledgeable experts at our drug rehab clinic will be by your side for every step of the journey. The goal is to reach and maintain your goals for recovery.

It is possible to make a successful recovery from addiction. With the help available in the wide range of programs in the area, living a life free from drugs or alcohol is possible. Clients are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve while they deal with the effects of detox and early rehabilitation.

The road to recovery begins with taking a first step. For those suffering from addiction, help is there to get you back on your feet and ready for life again. Get in touch with one of the addiction specialists at our substance abuse treatment facility in East Lansing, Michigan and we can provide you with the support you deserve.

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