Portage Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Coming to grips with the fact that you or a loved one is dealing with a substance use disorder can be a difficult experience. But it can also be the first step on the road to a lasting recovery.

With the help of the right addiction treatment center, it is possible to dramatically increase one’s chances of successfully achieving lasting sobriety. Our drug rehab center in Portage, Michigan is one of the area’s premier rehabs for those who are overcoming a serious addiction. With a tried-and-true model and a highly trained and experienced staff, our addiction recovery facility in Portage has the demonstrated track record of thousands of clients who have stayed on the path to recovery over the years

A treatment model based on community

Our drug rehab clinic in Portage uses a community-based treatment model, which strongly encourages the formation of bonds among the clients. This is designed to create an extended support network for the client during their stay at our Portage substance abuse treatment facility as well as after they leave. Many of our clients form relationships at our addiction recovery center that last a lifetime, helping them stay on the path towards a lasting recovery.

Our addiction treatment clinic in Portage is also geared towards creating a highly social environment, where clients can interact with other clients and staff without feelings of anxiety or fear of being judged. This open and high-trust environment is crucial in allowing clients to relearn the basics of dealing with social situations, without the help of their drug of choice.

Supervised detox is an important element of treatment

Our facility has trained experts on staff who have handled thousands of detox cases, from the simplest to the most complex. With the ability to perform a supervised detox on any client safely and effectively, our staff is second-to-none in helping people with serious substance abuse problems, even when severe physical dependency is involved, to be weaned from drugs or alcohol.

Our staff will make the proper diagnosis

One of the most important elements of a successful recovery is to fully understand the complete clinical health of the client. This is particularly true in the case where there is an underlying mental disorder that has directly led to or has exacerbated the substance abuse.

It has been estimated by some experts that as many as half of all people in the United States who suffer from substance abuse problems have underlying mental health conditions. Mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression are so strongly linked to substance abuse that treating the underlying conditions often leads to a spontaneous remission of the substance abuse altogether.

Each program is a little different

Because no two clients are exactly alike, Addiction Now tailors our program to fit the needs of each incoming client. For this reason, each client is treated as an individual. When you call Addiction Now today, we will begin setting up an appointment for a free consultation at our drug rehab center in Portage, Michigan.

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