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Reasons to Select Our Addiction Rehabilitation Center

Have you been searching for an addiction recovery center in Redford, Michigan? We provide a comfortable environment in our drug rehab center, so you can get the treatment you need in a safe environment. We provide our clients with access to the cutting-edge treatment they need. The duration of the client’s stay depends on their needs. What’s more, customers aren’t subjected to a standardized treatment program, as we customize a program to suit the needs of each client.

High-quality services are provided in an exclusive, friendly, comfortable and safe environment at our Redford, Michigan addiction recovery center. We provide a recovery community, so clients will meet of their peers who are in recovery, as well. Group therapy will provide our clients with the support they need to succeed.

Before any treatment can be provided, our friendly staff will conduct an intake interview to better get to know the client. During this interview, clients will be screened for any co-occurring mental health disorders. Roughly half of clients struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to addiction. Thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we can provide adequate treatment for both.

Since the client’s recovery is our primary concern, we ensure that you get to enjoy staying at the addiction recovery facility. Fun and enriching activities, including other off-site activities, are provided depending on the schedule. The environment is designed to be secure and conducive to healing.

The admission process is straightforward. You only need to contact us to let us know about your problem. During a phone interview, we will discuss any questions you have regarding addiction recovery treatment. We then invite to visit our drug rehab clinic so our team can conduct a clinical assessment and choose a suitable time frame for the treatment.

Drug/alcohol rehabilitation

While the treatment programs at our addiction treatment center are customized to suit the individual needs of our clients, we do have some common strategies.


The rehabilitation process starts with an evaluation. Our experts screen you to assess the state of your health, addiction levels, and individual needs. This evaluation will be conducted by one of our friendly and experienced staff members. Once the nature of your addiction is better understood, it becomes easy for our professionals to tailor an addiction recovery program to fit your needs.


Often, chronic and long-term substance abusers may require supervision at our drug detox clinic. The experts get to monitor your progress throughout the day to ensure that your detox is safe and comfortable.

Therapeutic treatment

This stage is also known as the therapeutic treatment phase. Our professionals help you establish a foundation for long term recovery. The causes that contribute to addiction are addressed so a person can incorporate to new thoughts and behavioral patterns.
We want to help you overcome your substance abuse condition. Contact our substance abuse treatment facility in Redford, Michigan today!

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