Saginaw (Charter Township) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

What is Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment is available for those who need help to stop compulsively using drugs. With the increased awareness of addiction therapy, treatment is offered in a wide range of settings and durations of time. Because addiction is a chronic condition that may lead to relapse, short-term treatment is typically not effective for a long-term recovery. For most people with an addiction, recovery is a long-term process that requires commitment and encouragement. Our drug rehab center in Saginaw, Michigan can help those struggling to overcome an addiction.

Scientific evidence has linked numerous treatment approaches to successful addiction recovery. Drug addiction treatment plans may include behavioral counseling, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. However, our treatment plans will be specifically tailored to meet each client’s needs based on several factors such as the length of drug use and the type of drugs that were used.

These individualized treatment plans are essential for a successful rehabilitation process, so our Saginaw, Michigan addiction treatment center provides every client with a unique recovery plan. Many clients at our drug rehab clinic will also receive dual diagnosis treatment. When people with an addiction have a co-occurring mental health condition, dual diagnosis therapy will be incorporated into their treatment plan.

Treatment plans at our addiction recovery facility employ group and individual counseling. Behavioral counseling helps clients understand and change their views and behaviors toward drug use, learn healthy life skills, and gain support from peers. In addition, behavioral therapy is an effective part of the rehabilitation process because it encourages abstinence from drugs and teaches clients how to live a drug-free lifestyle. Clients at our Saginaw, Michigan substance abuse treatment facility can get treatment in several settings with numerous approaches.

Our addiction recovery center uses treatment programs that help clients understand, recognize, and stay clear of stressful situations that could lead to drug use. Treatment can be intense at first, especially during detoxification. Because detox can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, our staff monitors clients throughout the process. In addition, the staff at our drug rehab center provides clients with motivational reinforcement to help them get through this stage, and we always provide a safe environment.

Outpatient Behavioral Treatment

Outpatient treatment at our substance abuse treatment center is offered through individualized treatment plans for clients who will visit our addiction recovery facility on a routine schedule. Most outpatient treatment programs include individual and group counseling. Outpatient treatment may be the best option for those who work or have personal responsibilities.

Inpatient Behavioral Treatment

Inpatient treatment is also known as residential care, and is highly recommended for those with co-occurring disorders or severe addictions. Our Saginaw, Michigan addiction treatment clinic offers clients 24-hour care and supervision, as well as comfortable and clean housing. There are a variety of therapeutic approaches offered to clients who receive inpatient behavioral treatment.

Aftercare Treatment

To ensure clients sustain long-term recovery, our Saginaw, Michigan substance abuse treatment facility offers a variety of aftercare addiction treatment programs. Clients may choose an aftercare program that best suits their needs. Many of our clients prefer to attend aftercare treatment to provide support to those who have just recovered from an addiction, and others like to attend aftercare meetings for continued support.

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