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Key Factors to Consider When Selecting an Addiction Treatment Clinic

Seeking a worthwhile drug rehab center to assist you in recovering from drug abuse or addiction requires you to consider a number of factors. By taking a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, we can ensure that clients at our Austin, Minnesota drug rehab center get the impeccable care they deserve.

Individualized Treatment Plan at an Addiction Treatment Center

A key element of an effective inpatient addiction recovery program is an individualized treatment plan. The stark reality of recovery through an inpatient program an addiction treatment center is that every client came to a drug related problem via a different pathway. Therefore a client needs their own unique treatment plan.

Community Focused Addiction Recovery Facility

The most effective treatment programs offered via our Austin, Minnesota addiction recovery facility are community focused. Our effective inpatient recovery program encourages a sense of community among our clients.

On a related note, our drug rehab clinic promotes an environment that ensures clients are comfortable being honest among their peers. Honest sharing is vital to moving forward in the treatment and recovery process.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Offers Dual Diagnosis

If you are like about half of people who seek treatment for substance abuse each year, you may be able to benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This means that you have both an issue with addiction as well as a co-occurring mental health condition.

There are situations in which a co-occurring mental health issue contributes to substance abuse. There are other situations in which substance abuse can contribute to a co-occurring mental health problems. These two issues can feed into one another, creating a complicated and intertwined relationship. At our Austin, Minnesota substance abuse treatment facility, we can provide you with the supportive dual diagnosis mental health treatment you deserve.

Aftercare Offered by our Addiction Recovery Center

In seeking the best substance abuse or addiction treatment program, you need to examine what is offered in the way of aftercare. Recovery continues after inpatient treatment concludes. A strong aftercare program ensures that you will have the best chance at maintaining long-lasting recovery.

Different Types of Treatment at Our Addiction Treatment Clinic

Another factor we consider at our Austin, Minnesota addiction recovery center is the types of treatment that are offered. Examples of the types of treatment provided through our inpatient program include individual therapy, group therapy, and other programming.

Relapse Prevention

Finally, when we provide our clients with addiction recovery treatment, we work closely with them to ensure they have an aftercare plan for treatment after leaving our drug rehab center. Regardless of the challenges you are facing, the friendly experts at our Austin, Minnesota addiction recovery plan can help you achieve your goals. Get in touch today and you can begin your journey to recovery immediately. We are waiting on your call, and can provide you with the necessary support to ensure you defeat whatever challenges you face. Don’t hesitate, contact us now!

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