Owatonna Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In order to treat drug addiction, one of the most common forms of chronic illnesses plaguing the world today, it is important to gain a clear understanding of what the disease is, as well as the most effective ways for acquiring treatment. There is one no single form of treatment that works for everyone, and thus the process must be carefully planned out and executed; the cold turkey method is not effective in most cases of prolonged drug abuse.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that attacks the brain’s ability to function and overall behavior. Unlike most other chronic diseases, drug addiction does not strike without warning but is usually a result of usage over a period of time. Eventually, after an extended period of use (which varies from person to person), the ability for a person to make decisions will become weakened, and a dependency is developed.

Drug addiction’s chronic nature is often corroborated by relapse, and because of this, our addiction recovery center in Owatonna, Minnesota employs a custom approach regarding a client’s treatment. Each addiction is often a result of many outside factors in the client’s life, some of which may include co-occurring mental illness. When mental illness is involved, the substance abuse treatment facility support staff with screen the client for a dual diagnosis. Because these outside issues are contributors to the cycle of drug addiction, throughout the process a client will be under supervision. This will help ensure that the continuing behaviors that contributed to their addiction do not continue to provide a safe environment for the client. One of the central goals for the addiction treatment center is to provide a therapeutic setting for the client where safety is consistently emphasized, while utilizing group sessions in which issues of maintaining sobriety can be thoroughly discussed. This helps is beneficial to the client, as well as the support staff.

The nature of drug addiction is consistently volatile. Each drug rehab clinic will approach the treatment process differently. Regardless of the approach, our Owatonna addiction treatment center will tackle the problems of clients in stages. In the initial step, the physical side-effects of long-term drug abuse are addressed. Under complete supervision, the drug will leave the client’s body in a controlled setting that can properly address their needs. Once the physiological side-effects have ceased, the support staff at our Owatonna drug rehab center will address the psychological effects of addiction.

Psychological issues can contribute to problems adjusting to life in society, which can, in turn, lead to relapses. Our addiction recovery facility in Owatonna, Minnesota will recommend aftercare services and guide you through treatment in order to increase the chances of continued sobriety. The aftercare program provided to each client by the Addiction Now addiction treatment clinic in Owatonna, Minnesota will vary in terms of time and treatment options based on the client’s progress battling the disease. Don’t wait, all you have to do is call us today ad we will begin setting up an appointment for a free consultation.

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