White Bear Lake Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Exploring Options for Addiction Treatment Clinic Options

The first step in recovery is to admit that you are struggling with addiction and that you require the specific array of services you can only obtain at our drug rehab clinic. At our White Bear Lake, Minnesota drug rehab center, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the care they need.

Supervised Detox

Detoxification from drugs can be a challenging experience on a number of levels. Detox can take its toll on you, emotionally and psychologically. Attempting to detox on one’s own is strongly discouraged by experts, because of the discomfort and danger associated. Fortunately, we provide supervised detox for clients enrolled in our addiction recovery program.

Type of Treatment Modalities Offered at our Addiction Recovery Facility

In addition to supervised detox, we offer a variety of treatment modalities at our White Bear Lake, Minnesota addiction recovery facility. Some of the types of treatment that we provide in our drug rehab clinic include group therapy, individual therapy, psychiatric treatment, relapse prevention strategies, and other assistance. We provide assistance for our clients by ensuring they receive the treatment they need to reach their recovery goals.

Community, Safety, and Honesty at our Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

There exist an array of other factors that you need to bear in mind when seeking assistance at our White Bear Lake, Minnesota substance abuse treatment facility. First, our addiction recovery center develops and encourages a sense of community among clients. The most effective types of drug treatment and recovery programs are those that emphasize the importance of support and encouragement among clients in a cohort of the people in the program.

We also run a drug rehab facility that ensures and enhances the creation of a safe environment for clients. Thanks to a safe environment, clients are better able to be honest and share with others in the program and with our knowledgeable addiction recovery specialists.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at an Addiction Treatment Clinic

If you are half of the people in need of substance abuse recovery treatment, you may have a co-occurring mental health disorder. That means that you are suffering from both a substance abuse issue and a co-occurring mental health condition. You need to have both matters addressed in order to get on the road to recovery.

Not all addiction treatment centers offer their clients treatment for dual diagnosis. Fortunately, the friendly experts at our drug rehab clinic are well prepared to provide you with dual diagnosis mental health treatment if that will help you reach your recovery goals.

Aftercare Programming

Substance abuse treatment does not end when you finish the inpatient segment of the program at our White Bear Lake, Minnesota substance abuse treatment center. This is because we recognize that the most effective treatment programs include aftercare programming.

Aftercare is a continuation of some of the treatment modalities you undertake while in our drug rehab facility. This programming better ensures that you have a safer and more stable return to your life outside a treatment program. Aftercare includes implementing important strategies to avoid the prospect of relapse at some point in the future. This includes the utilization of a thorough relapse prevention plan.

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