Booneville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We know that addiction can present a struggle that seems impossible to escape. However, you should know that when you’re in dire need of support as you struggle with substance abuse, the friendly and well-trained experts who staff our substance abuse treatment facility in Booneville, Mississippi are standing by are ready to provide you with support. How your addiction may have begun is not relevant, as we can provide adequate treatment for addictions of all varieties. When you’re prepared to begin working your way down the path to recovery in earnest, we hope you’ll consider our drug rehab center.

In order to provide every client who enrolls at our Booneville drug rehab clinic with sufficient treatment for them to make it to their recovery goals, we have to provide all of our clients with a customized plan for recovery care. To accomplish this feat, every client who enters our drug rehab center will begin by taking part in an intake interview. We know that you have specific challenges which you will face during your recovery from addiction. In order to adequately equip you to face these challenges, we provide a personalized plan for recovery to every one of our clients, thus assuring each client gets the care they need.

The benefit of having individualized plans for recovery treatment, rather than providing every client with the same cookie-cutter plan for recovery, is that a customized plan allows us to hand tailor the treatment schedule to better suit your personal needs. For example, roughly half of our clients are struggling not just with the troubles of addiction, but also a co-occurring mental health disorder. In instances like this, the client can benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which allows the well-trained staff at our Booneville drug rehab center to ensure that the client gets adequate treatment for both substance abuse and any co-occurring disorder, thus bolstering the likelihood of a successful recovery.

In order to provide as many clients as possible with effective addiction recovery treatment, we have a full spectrum of therapeutic recovery strategies at our disposal here at our Booneville substance abuse treatment center. We can provide the reliable mainstays of addiction recovery treatment, such as individual therapy (where you’ll meet with one of our counselors on a personal basis) and group therapy (which will give you the opportunity to discuss matters of shared interest with your peers in our drug addiction treatment clinic). But in addition to these more traditional treatment strategies, we also have a variety of holistic treatment options, including horseback riding, art therapy, and yoga. So long as the treatment has been demonstrated to be effective by evidence-based research, we will gladly provide it for a client if it will increase the efficacy of their recovery treatment.

When you’re prepared to enroll in an addiction recovery center and take your life back, we hope you’ll consider us. Our addiction treatment clinic in Booneville, Mississippi prides itself on providing effective and thorough treatment for addiction recovery.

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