Corinth Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Fighting drug addiction can extremely difficult, and the variety of treatment options available can make the process confusing. There are many resources available for people looking to turn their lives around. A Corinth drug detox program can help any individual with the physical and psychological trials of beating a substance use disorder.

Corinth Inpatient Drug Rehab

Physical symptoms of withdrawal can be severe and difficult to manage. Corinth inpatient drug detox centers offer the full benefit of 24-hour access to medical professionals. The duration of such treatment, which requires a full-time residential stay at a clinic, could range from a few weeks to several months. During the program, pain and withdrawal symptoms are closely managed to help the process along as much as possible.

When patients stay at an inpatient facility, they become a part of a rehab community. Physicians, therapists, support staff and other residents become a support group that helps teach new social habits and skills to help patients stay free of drugs.

Short-term residential treatment programs are also available and can last anywhere from three to six weeks. These may utilize a modified 12-step approach. Because of the short duration of these programs, patients must stay involved in outpatient therapy and support groups when released to continue developing healthy habits.

Corinth inpatient drug detox centers sometimes manage withdrawal symptoms medically. Physicians and staff are dedicated to overseeing the health of the residents. In certain situations, medications may be used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms of ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine or meth.

Corinth Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Patients who have jobs or a supportive social network can find success in outpatient treatment. Intensive outpatient treatment programs vary in the kind of services offered. Some may provide specific drug education while others have complete 12-step programs. Taking the time to learn program requirements, such as how often patients are required to attend therapy, will help determine which program is the right fit.

Group therapy can play a strong role in creating a sense of strength and belonging. If a patient cannot find a support group that meets at a convenient time near their home, it is worth checking other programs in Sheffield, Tupelo or Florence. Feeling secure and comfortable in the group can be key to avoiding relapse.

Corinth Addiction Treatment Programs Bring Hope and Success

All rehab clinics are dedicated to helping patients find success. That success lies in exploring all aspects of the drug addiction and in finding how patients can gain control. Identifying internal triggers, external triggers, and thoughts and emotions contributing to addiction behavior are all a strong part of these programs. By working with families, friends and staff, patients are encouraged to find their way to success. Anyone who is ready to take the first step toward recovery can speak with our addiction specialists; they can help individuals find the right Corinth drug detox program.

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