New Albany Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Before you enter our addiction treatment center in New Albany, Mississippi, we want you to have adequate time to prepare. Even those who are still days or weeks away from beginning recovery can still begin taking preparatory steps. Here are a few guidelines for ensuring you’re ready for every step of the process when entering our drug rehab clinic.

Making it Through Detox

When entering our New Albany addiction treatment clinic, the first step is to go through supervised detox. We cannot guarantee that you won’t experience some of the symptoms of withdrawal, but thanks to the supervision of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can be confident in the safety of your environment. We’ll be on hand to ensure you get the additional help you need, should such a need arise.

Be Open During Individual Therapy

It’s common for those entering our New Albany addiction recovery center to feel worried about one-on-one therapy. However, try to have an open mind, and remind yourself that it’s okay to share your experiences. At our drug rehab center, we connect clients with therapists with experience with addiction, and they know the struggles people have when reaching recovery. Even if you only take small steps, try to push yourself a bit during each session, as the rewards are well worth the effort required.

Listen and Share in Groups

Group therapy sessions, like individual sessions, can be intimidating for people enrolling at our New Albany substance abuse treatment facility. It’s okay to take your time and simply listen to what others have to say. Even if you feel a bit uncomfortable, try to share with others in your group. Doing so helps you build relationships with people who will offer wisdom and support while you’re on the path to long-term recovery.

Take Time to Reflect

While at our New Albany addiction recovery facility, you’ll find your days busy and filled with activities. However, you’ll also have some time to relax, and this time provides a great opportunity to reflect on your life and the progress you’re making. At our addiction recovery facility, we provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment to clients who struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder alongside addiction. Instead of just working on addiction, we also work to uncover other problems and treat them as well. Share your thoughts in one-on-one therapy.

When clients are ready to leave our substance abuse treatment facility in New Albany, Mississippi, we don’t want them to feel as though they are unsupported. Fortunately, our customized aftercare plans help clients recognize that we’ll remain by their side for the long run.

There are no shortcuts on the road to recovery. However, there are tools and skills you can learn to deal with struggles that arise along the way. If you’re struggling with addiction, make sure to reach out for help. There’s a bright future for those able to learn how to defeat their addictions.

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