Picayune Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are looking for the support that is only available at an addiction recovery treatment center, we are waiting to provide you with the help you need. Get in touch with the friendly experts at our drug rehab clinic in Picayune, Mississippi and we can provide you with the invaluable expert support you need to reach your goals for recovery. Don’t continue to struggle with addiction when a viable recovery option is available for you. Get in contact with us immediately and you can begin your journey to recovery with no delay. If you’re ready to begin your journey to recovery in earnest, get in contact now.

When you enter our Picayune substance abuse treatment facility, you’ll begin by taking some time with one of our addiction specialists. This well trained and friendly professional will ask you a series of questions regarding your history of substance abuse. The information you provide for our staff will allow them to create a personalized recovery plan for you. We bolster the efficacy of our addiction recovery plans by making each one personalized to suit the needs of the individual. No matter what you need to get over your addiction, we can provide it for you at our substance abuse treatment center.

For some clients, the best options we can offer include dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis is an important tool in the treatment strategies we maintain here at our Picayune drug rehab clinic. This is due to the fact that roughly 50% of those people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction are simultaneously attempting to cope with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Making this complex situation even more complicated is the fact that many of those who are attempting to overcome a co-occurring disorder are unaware that they are even struggling with the disorder.

During your intake interview, our expert staff will screen for possible co-occurring mental health disorders. If you are diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health disorder, we’ll provide you with the benefit of dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis allows us to treat both the addiction and any co-occurring disorders. This ensures that the client has the best possible chance of attaining their goals for recovery, and maintaining those goals for an extended period time, including after they’ve left our Picayune drug rehab center.

If a client does not receive the treatment they need for the co-occurring disorder, they may continue to experience those symptoms after leaving a drug rehab facility, even when the addiction has been treated. Fortunately, addiction allows the specialists at our substance abuse treatment facility in Picayune, Mississippi to avoid this eventuality by treating both the addiction and the co-occurring disorder, which gives us the opportunity to provide clients with the best chance of recovery.

When you’re prepared to begin overcoming addiction and making serious progress toward reaching the goals you have decided upon for recovery, we’ll be glad to provide you the vital assistance you need. Contact Addiction Now and we can show you the way to recovery.

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