Creve Coeur Drug and Alcohol Rehab

An Opportunity to Obtain Empowering Assistance

We operate a drug rehab center in Creve Coeur, Missouri that is part of a much larger network. Through our addiction recovery center, we help many individuals improve the quality of their daily lives. Our clients gain empowering assistance so they can enjoy a better opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams!

If you or a loved one has struggled with addictive behaviors, you don’t need to address these issues alone. Consider obtaining assistance from our addiction treatment clinic in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

About Our Program

We’ve carefully designed our program to offer attentive assistance to clients from many different backgrounds and walks of life. We respect people as individuals, so we’ve taken steps to customize the treatment plans at our Creve Coeur, Missouri drug rehab clinic. We provide supervised detox, individually tailored treatment plans, and a supportive and engaged extended network. Everyone works hard to make our addiction recovery facility a community where clients can discuss issues honestly within a safe, comfortable setting.

We provide dual diagnoses mental health treatment in order to more fully meet the needs of clients. Some of our clients address issues involve a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to their struggle with addiction. For this reason, individual treatment plans often vary widely at our substance abuse treatment facility, allowing us to provide adequate recovery treatment to a variety of individuals.

There are a variety of therapeutic options at our addiction recovery treatment facility. We want to be sure that clients get the care they need no matter what their circumstances might be. This means that we provide our clients with the chance to take part in individual therapy sessions, where they’ll meet with a professional one-on-one, as well as group therapy, where you’ll have the opportunity to share the experiences and wisdom you’ve gathered.

When clients leave our addiction recovery treatment center, we want them to recognize that we’ll remain by their side for the duration of their recovery journey. To this end, we furnish our clients with a personalized plan for aftercare treatment when they graduate from our drug rehab clinic.

A Time for Optimism

Our clients progress from detox to treatment to aftercare through a variety of routes. However, we strive to assist each and every person in a caring, attentive, and honest way. The treatment resources available at our Creve Coeur, Missouri substance abuse treatment center give reason for optimism. Although the current substance abuse epidemic in the United States impacts millions of families, never before have the prospects for effective addiction recovery appeared so bright!

If you’d like to learn more about our program, you can reach us by email or telephone. We appreciate your interest and are eager to provide you with any information you might require. Contact us now to immediately begin your recovery journey. There is no reason to avoid taking the first step and beginning work toward recovery. Get in touch today!

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