Spanish Lake Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is characterized by uncontrollable and compulsive drug use that alters the structure of the brain over time. Furthermore, addiction is a considered to be a condition that is susceptible to relapse, so there is a risk of returning to drug use after an effort to stop.

Although addiction is a chronic condition, it can be treated at our Spanish Lake, Missouri substance abuse treatment center. However, addiction can’t be treated in a few days. Treatment is most effective when those with an addiction receive help from a qualified addiction recovery center. At our drug rehab center, we focus on helping clients stop taking drugs and remain drug-free.

Our addiction treatment center in Spanish Lake, Missouri incorporates effective principles of treatment based on scientific evidence, establishing the basis of a successful and effective treatment plan. Addiction is a complicated but treatable condition. However, no single treatment approach is effective for every client.

Our Spanish Lake, Missouri rehab treatment facility uses individualized treatment plans that address the specific needs of our clients. People who come to our addiction recovery facility will have access to customized treatment plans. Our treatment plans are individualized for the most effective approach to addiction recovery.

As clients at our Spanish Lake, Missouri drug rehab center progress through the rehabilitation process, our staff monitors their treatment plans closely to determine if they need to be modified to fit their needs. Clients at name are also provided with treatment that address any co-occurring mental health disorders. This process is known as dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

Clients may be evaluated by the staff to determine if a co-occurring disorder exists and dual diagnosis treatment is needed. The National institute on Drug Abuse reported that for those struggling with addiction as well as a co-occurring disorder, dual diagnosis provides the best chances of success for recovery.

Treatment at our Spanish Lake, Missouri drug rehab clinic includes several steps. First, clients will go through detoxification, which is a process that removes drugs from the body. Detox is known to cause side effects, which is why our Spanish Lake, Missouri rehab treatment facility carefully monitors clients during detoxification.

After detoxification, counseling is essential because most people will relapse after detox when they don’t receive behavioral counseling. These sessions will continue throughout treatment and are crucial to success.

Our Spanish Lake, Missouri substance abuse treatment facility offers a number of addiction rehab aftercare programs that encourage continued recovery. Recovery is a long-term commitment, so aftercare is a significant part of the overall rehabilitation process. Some goals of our aftercare therapy includes helping clients maintain a sober and healthy lifestyle, continue to teach new methods to avoid relapse, and achieve a life filled with positive and rewarding relationships. Aftercare programs at our addiction treatment clinic offer professional, educational, child care, financial, and mental health care resources in addition to addiction therapy. The purpose of additional resources is to help clients learn how to reduce stress caused by these factors, which will also reduce the chances of relapse.

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