Warrensburg Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is one of the most insidious illnesses there is. It often starts out as something that is not clearly a problem. But slowly, addiction creeps into all the areas of your life, affecting you where it previously hadn’t and causing problems that weren’t there before.

The process is slow and gradual. It can be difficult to detect if when using drugs recreationally has now become a significant problem, affecting work, school or family negatively.

For each person, knowing when a substance use has crossed the line into a problem is profoundly difficult. It doesn’t help that drugs and alcohol can alter the wiring of the brain, making it more difficult for someone suffering from a drug or alcohol abuse problem to recognize that things are getting out of hand.

But if you or a loved one has decided that it is time to seek treatment for a substance abuse, our drug rehab center in Warrensburg, Missouri is one of the best options you can choose. Our addiction treatment center in Warrensburg has decades of experience treating thousands of clients who have been able to successfully achieve lasting sobriety.

Addiction Now can help with detox

Drug and alcohol treatment cannot begin without undergoing a thorough detoxification first. In order for anyone to have a chance at being able to kick their drug or alcohol addiction, they must first completely rid themselves of the chemical toxins already in their body.

Our addiction treatment clinic in Warrensburg has professional and highly experienced staff, who are there, 24/7 to help our clients make it through the detox process. From the most benign psychological withdrawal symptoms to the severe in lifelong alcoholics, our addiction recovery center in Warrensburg has the staff on hand to help our clients make it through whatever circumstances lie ahead on their road to recovery. With thousands of clients successfully helped through withdrawal at our substance abuse treatment facility in Warrensburg, you can trust us.

Dual diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is also a crucial part of any rehab program. Our addiction recovery facility in Warrensburg has highly qualified professionals on staff who are able to accurately diagnose any underlying mental health conditions that the client may be contending with, above and beyond their issues with addiction.

Many studies have shown that up to half of all people suffering from substance abuse problems also have an underlying mental condition. These people are often attracted to substance abuse in the first place due to their ongoing attempts to self-medicate. Such situations usually lead to a vicious cycle. While drugs and alcohol may make them feel temporarily better, over the long term, the abuse of substances will generally make the underlying conditions worse, leading the person to seek more drugs and alcohol.

However, with the right differential diagnosis, it is possible to successfully treat the underlying mental condition. Frequently, this is all it takes to allow the person to begin living a sober lifestyle. And the staff at our drug rehab clinic in Warrensburg, Missouri is fully capable of making the right diagnosis.

For more information, please contact one of our friendly and professional representatives at Addiction Now. Call us today and we will begin setting you up with an appointment for a free consultation at our drug rehab center in Warrensburg, Missouri.

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