Glasgow Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Coming to terms with addiction to drugs or alcohol is a challenging and complicated process. But with Addiction Now and our drug rehab center in Glasgow, Montana, you can do it. Staffed with trained and experienced professionals, the journey to lasting sobriety will be easier for you. You will be more likely to succeed.

Our addiction treatment center in Glasgow operates on a proven model of recovery based on evidence and thousands of individual cases. With some of the most highly trained and experienced staff, Addiction Now can guide you on your mission to become drug or alcohol-free, helping you to maximize your chances of success each step of the way.

Community-based rehabilitation has a proven track record

Our addiction recovery facility in Glasgow operates on a community-based model with a proven track record of helping people remain sober. The program uses the community as a means to foster a strong support network, creating a sense of bonding and camaraderie that helps strengthen the resolve of the client.

Our drug rehab clinic in Glasgow is also designed to foster an environment where clients feel free to openly discuss any fears or anxieties they may have. This is all part of the process of retooling clients so they are able to once again fully function in social settings without resorting to their preferred substance.

Detox with professional help

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Glasgow also employs professionals who are capable of handling the detoxification of any client. Our highly trained and experienced staff has successfully handled thousands of detox cases, including some of the most complex and challenging types of detoxification.

Whether someone is a recreational drug user who feels they are spiraling out of control or whether they are a decades-long alcoholic who has become completely physically dependent on their preferred drug, our staff is fully capable of safely and effectively guiding you through detox.

Differential diagnosis is a crucial part of the treatment process

Our addiction recovery center in Glasgow has highly trained psychologists on staff, who are able to detect any underlying mental health condition that may be exacerbating the substance abuse in our client. Studies have shown that up to half of all people in the United States have a serious substance abuse disorder and comorbid mental health conditions. In many cases, successfully treating the underlying mental health condition, which the client often does not even know they have, is enough to dramatically increase the chances of a successful recovery from addiction.

Many mental health conditions, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, are correlated with substance abuse. It is often thought by psychologists that people suffering from poor mental health abuse drugs and alcohol in an effort to self-medicate. However, this often leads to increasing drug use, rather than successful amelioration of the symptoms. Only specific, FDA-approved drugs, prescribed by a psychiatrist, will effectively treat underlying mental disorders.

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