Helena Valley Northwest Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is an issue that affects many people, and without help it can be extremely difficult to treat. That’s why we have addiction specialists available to connect individuals in Helena Valley Northwest, Helena, Butte and Anaconda with treatment programs. Whether you need to be enrolled in a detox, inpatient, or outpatient program, calling us today in order to get a proper consultation will get you on the right track.

After an individual who needs help makes that first call, it’s important to find them the right program. Our addiction specialists will consider the individual’s specific needs based on their history and lifestyle, along with any previous treatments the individual has gone through. Inpatient programs are usually recommended first after the patient has completed the detox program since the 24/7 nature of the program ensures a safe environment for battling addiction, but outpatient programs also work well for those who still need to work or uphold other responsibilities. Our substance use disorder specialists are available to help each person figure out the treatment option that’s right for them.

How Helena Valley Northwest Addiction Treatment Programs Work

The two types of addiction treatment programs are inpatient and outpatient. Each type includes multiple treatment methods, which experts at the facility choose depending on an individual’s needs. For example, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and prescription drugs all present their own challenges and withdrawal symptoms, meaning each will require a different treatment approach, especially when medications are involved.

Medication is used at many substance use disorder recovery facilities, and will be a common part of treatment in a Helena Valley Northwest drug detox program. This can help patients handle their withdrawal symptoms during detox and mitigate cravings as they progress.

Therapy is another popular treatment. It involves the individual working with a counselor to understand why they used drugs in the first place, while learning to develop their own coping mechanisms to avoid turning back to drugs in the future. Many different types of addiction therapy are used at treatment centers. A group format works well because people have peer support, but individuals may also receive counseling in private. Family is often invited to partake in the recovery process.

Going to Helena Valley Northwest Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Not every person can put their life on hold for weeks or months at a time to complete a Helena Valley Northwest drug detox program and live at an inpatient facility. This often isn’t possible for people with jobs or families. An outpatient program provides an alternative for those individuals.

The initial portion of the outpatient addiction treatment is the intensive portion, and this will involve the longest and most frequent meetings. The patient will visit the facility and receive treatment in the form of addiction therapy. They may also receive medication to help them reduce withdrawal symptoms. As the patient progresses, treatment will become shorter and less frequent, but will still help in sustaining their drug-free lifestyle.

Living at a Helena Valley Northwest Inpatient Drug Rehab

For individuals who use drugs frequently and need to go through detox, it’s normal to enter an inpatient program. Helena Valley Northwest inpatient drug detox centers are equipped to give patients 24/7 support through the detox process, before they transition to an outpatient program. There are also inpatient programs that continue for weeks or months after the person detoxes. The inpatient program allows for a safe environment, far away from the daily triggers. They receive addiction therapy and sometimes medication. Staff is round the clock, which ensures constant care.

Call us today to schedule your consultation to start your journey towards a healthy and full life.

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