Malmstrom AFB Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When substance abuse problem is beginning to take over the life of yourself or a loved one, getting the right professional help can make the difference between achieving a drug-free life and continuing to struggle for years in an increasingly dire situation.

Our addiction treatment clinic in Malmstrom, Montana is one of the area’s most well-respected and effective professional substance abuse treatment facilities. With decades of experience and a successful track record, thousands of clients have been helped to reach lasting sobriety, our drug rehab center in Malmstrom has the professional and experienced staff and effective program to meet even the most challenging cases of substance abuse.
Creating a strong community and support network
Our addiction treatment center in Malmstrom was built on the idea that a strong support network is one of the most vital things that someone struggling with drug abuse can have on their side. Our community-based program creates a socially welcoming, high-trust environment where clients are able to freely discuss fears or anxieties without fear of being judged.

In fact, this is one of the most crucial aspects of our Malstrom addiction recovery facility. The ability of clients to learn how to cope with everyday social interaction in a drug and alcohol-free state of mind is a prerequisite for them gaining the confidence necessary to face the real world without the crutch provided by their drug of choice.

Dual diagnosis can make the difference

Another distinguishing feature of our Malmstrom drug rehab clinic is that we have professional psychologists on-call at all times and can make diagnoses of the underlying mental health condition that may be afflicting our clients. Studies have shown that up to half of all those suffering from a substance abuse disorder in the United States also have comorbid mental health disorders. All too often, these people self-medicate through the use of alcohol and drugs. These efforts often make the symptoms of the underlying mental health condition worse, not better. This can lead to a vicious cycle, where the person feels temporarily relieved, only to find that the substance abuse has made the symptoms worse when the drug is withdrawn. This leads them to take even more of the abused substance in an effort to mitigate the ever-worsening symptoms.

With the proper dual diagnosis, any underlying mental condition can be successfully treated at our Malmstrom drug rehab. This is often enough, by itself, to ensure a high chance of a full recovery from the disorder.

Professional detox facilities

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Malmstrom, Montana also has full-time staff who are experts in handling substance withdrawal and detoxification. The team at our addiction recovery center has handled thousands of detoxes and has successfully guided clients through even the most complicated of situations.

Our facility can give you the best shot you’ll ever get at achieving lasting sobriety and total recovery. Call us today.

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