Falls City Drug and Alcohol Rehab

At our drug rehab center in Falls City, Nebraska, Addiction Now is focused on the care and healing of our clients. Our addiction treatment center in Falls City specializes in supervised detox recovery and dual diagnosis mental health treatment. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible care for our clients. We offer individualized treatment for a wide range of addictions and psychiatric disorders.

What Kind Of Care Can I Expect at the Addiction Recovery Facility?

Our facility is a modern state-of-the-art substance abuse treatment facility designed to help our clients feel comfortable and equipped to succeed with our treatment programs.

At Addiction Now, we believe that being honest and transparent makes treatment easier and more effective. We ask everyone, clients and staff alike, to be truthful and compassionate. Our drug rehab clinic in Falls City provides clients and family members with a thorough update about treatment plans and ongoing progress. This makes the treatment and transition back into daily life better for our clients.

What Can I Expect When I Start A Detox Plan?

The professionals at the Falls City drug rehab center watch over clients to personally help them through each step in the detox process. The personalized care we provide makes the detox program easier for each client and increases the likelihood that the results will last once the program is completed.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment plans allow our clients to recover from both addictions and psychiatric disorders at the same time. Many addictions are caused by psychiatric disorders. In order to fully cure the addiction, the underlying condition must be managed and brought under control.

The professionals in our Falls City addiction treatment clinic are equipped to serve and care for clients suffering from every type of addiction and mental illness.

At our addiction recovery facility in Falls City, we screen each client for underlying mental health disorders to determine what kind of care is needed. Our clients meet with a therapist to address mental health issues while undergoing the detox program at our Falls City addiction recovery center.

Community in Rehab

Our clients are enrolled in support groups where they find community and supportive relationships to overcome the obstacles in front of them. Support groups meet to share their experiences, develop relationships, and build the trust to feel encouraged and succeed. The community is a vital part of treatment. No client should ever have to be alone during treatment. Strong bonds make success more likely.

Ongoing Care

Individual counseling and appointments are made on an ongoing basis to further assist our clients once they leave our facility for the first time. We care about our clients and know that they will be better equipped to have a richer life with focused and comprehensive aftercare services.

Don’t wait any longer. All you have to do is pick up that phone and we will set up an appointment for a free consultation at our addiction recovery center in Falls City, Nebraska.

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