Offutt AFB Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction can present a challenge that is insurmountable with the support of dedicated professionals. Fortunately, the knowledgeable experts at our Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska substance abuse treatment facility are dedicated to ensuring that clients get the tools necessary to overcome addiction and begin moving toward recovery in earnest. No matter what the circumstances might have been that first contributed to your addiction, we can afford you the support you need to work toward recovery. Don’t continue to struggle with addiction when you have the opportunity to reach recovery and begin living life the way you want to live.

When clients enter our Offutt AFB, Nebraska drug rehab center, they begin by taking part in an intake interview. This intake interview, which will be conducted by one of the friendly and knowledgeable members of our staff, will include a number of questions regarding one’s history of substance abuse. These questions include inquiries regarding how you came to be entangled in addiction, and what your usage habits look like. You may even be asked some questions regarding any history of addiction that your family members may possess. Although it may not always be immediately clear to you, the questions you answer during your intake interview will be essential for the formation for a personalized recovery treatment plan.

At our Offutt AFB, Nebraska addiction recovery clinic, we recognize that providing a personalized plan for substance abuse recovery can exponentially increase the likelihood that our clients are capable of achieving their goals for recovery. This is due to the nature of addiction. Substance abuse is especially insidious because it is molded by the individual to which it is attached. As a result, a standardized plan for treating addiction is unlikely to be sufficient to treatment every client. We circumvent this problem by providing every client with a personalized plan for recovery care.

We provide a full complement of treatment options here at our substance abuse treatment facility. For some clients, it is necessary to provide the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. With dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we can afford those clients that struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder with the support they need to overcome addiction. The symptoms of a co-occurring mental health disorder can make recovery more difficult that it might be otherwise, but with dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we can avoid this unfortunate eventuality and get our clients the support they need.

When clients leave our Offutt AFB, Nebraska drug rehab center, they know that we will continue to support them thanks to the customized aftercare plan they’ll receive upon leaving. We are committed to ensuring that clients at our substance abuse treatment facility get the support they need to overcome addiction and reach recovery. You don’t have to continue to struggle against substance abuse when the helpful experts at our drug rehab clinic are waiting to provide you with guidance. Contact us now, and you can begin your recovery journey right this moment.

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