Ralston Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Facing the realities of addiction can seem like an overwhelming task. But as hard as it may be to admit that a drug or alcohol use disorder is spiraling out of control, there is cause for hope. Finding the right drug rehab center is one of the best moves you can make to ensure that your efforts to achieve sobriety will be successful.

Our addiction treatment center in Ralston, Nebraska ranks among the best in the area. With a tried-and-true program, developed over decades, our program has turned out thousands of success stories. You could be next.

The first hurdle–detox

Once someone has admitted to themselves that they are facing a substance use problem that is out of their control, the next big hurdle to getting on the road to recovery is the detox process. Without a complete and thorough detox, the chances that someone will successfully recover from addiction are extremely slim.

Our addiction recovery facility in Ralston has some of the most well-trained detox specialists in the area. We’ve handled thousands of detox cases, from the mildest withdrawal symptoms to serious complications arising from lifelong use.

At our facility, you will be provided with top-quality care and will be supervised, with our staff quickly and professionally addressing any complications that may arise throughout the detox process. No matter what happens, we have the training and experience to ensure that you will be able to detox in the most comfort possible.

Dual diagnosis

The term dual diagnosis is used to denote the assessment and diagnosis of any underlying mental health disorders that may be present in addition to substance abuse. Dual diagnosis is a crucial element in the addiction recovery process because many people who suffer from substance abuse issues have an underlying mental disorder that may either cause or contribute to the addiction. Once the mental health condition is properly addressed, it is often possible for the client to make a speedy and lasting recovery.

Our drug rehab clinic in Ralston has trained psychologists on the premises. They are specially trained to recognize any mental condition that may be causing or exacerbating a substance abuse issue. One such disorder is that personalized, effective treatment can begin right away.

Each case is different

At our substance abuse treatment facility in Ralston, we take the view that each client is in a unique situation. Therefore, the program should be tailored to the individual, not used in a one-size-fits-all program.

One of the most important things about our addiction recovery center in Ralston is in the open and highly-trusted environment that you will find within the addiction treatment clinic. It is extremely important for each client to know that they can discuss anything that’s on their mind, without fear of judgment.

Our program has helped thousands of people achieve sobriety. We can help you too. Call Addiction Now today and we will begin setting up an appointment for a free consultation at our addiction treatment center in Ralston, Nebraska.

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