Wahoo Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Those struggling with addiction can benefit from the hope that can only be obtained through the assistance provided by a substance abuse treatment center. At our drug rehab clinic in Wahoo, Nebraska, our friendly and experienced staff is dedicated to providing the clients that enter our center with the support they need to overcome substance abuse and reach the goals that they have settled upon for recovery. Because different clients will benefit more from particular types of addiction recovery treatment, we have a full spectrum of possible treatment strategies available here at our drug rehab clinic.

When clients enter our Wahoo, Nebraska drug rehab clinic, they begin by sitting down with a friendly staff member. This staff member will conduct an extensive intake interview with the incoming client. During the interview, you will provide our experts with a plethora of information regarding your personal history with addiction. This can include details regarding your substance of choice, the events that led to your first encounter with the substance, and any history or experiences with addiction that your family might possess. These integral details will afford us with the necessary information to craft a recovery plan for you.

For certain clients, the best help we can offer comes in the form of dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment provides our friendly and experience staff with the necessary tools to successfully achieve recovery. As evidenced by data gathered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly half of those Americans who struggle with a substance use disorder are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. We want to provide every client in our addiction recovery program with the opportunity to reach recovery, and to ensure we can provide that for clients with a co-occurring disorder, we provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

One of the most important elements of the recovery program we provide at our Wahoo, Nebraska drug rehab center is group therapy. During group therapy, you’ll get the chance to join together with your peers to discuss your experiences and share your wisdom with one another. Although the idea of sharing with the group can at first be daunting, many of our clients come to view group therapy as one of the highlights of their recovery experience. In addition to group therapy, we provide a variety of other treatment strategies, including individual therapy and more holistic treatment strategies.

You should be aware that the supportive and experienced assistance from the staff at our Wahoo, Nebraska substance abuse treatment facility will not end when you have graduated from our addiction recovery center. This is thanks to the stellar, comprehensive aftercare treatment program you’ll be given when you leave our drug rehab clinic. No matter what specific recovery support is needed to assist you in successfully overcoming addiction, we are ready to extend to you the help you need. Why delay recovery for another moment? Contact us right now and you can begin overcoming addiction immediately.

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