Franklin Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The specialists at our Franklin, New Hampshire addiction recovery treatment center are dedicated to providing you with the support you need as you work toward recovery. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us immediately, as we can offer you the information you need as you seek to overcome substance abuse. We want to help all of our clients reach and maintain their recovery goals, and we can do that by maintaining a full spectrum of possible treatment strategies and using them to concoct customized care plans for every client. No matter what you might need to overcome addiction, our friendly experts can help you obtain it.

One of the key features of our addiction recovery treatment program is our group therapy sessions. During group therapy, you’ll meet with your peers in a setting that fosters open communication and sharing. You will get the opportunity to hear about the experiences of your fellow clients during group therapy sessions. More important still is the fact that these group therapy sessions can even provide you with the foundation of a sober support network. You may find that a network of individuals in recovery is just what you need to maintain your recovery for the long run, and group therapy can offer you a chance to meet some of those individuals who will form that network.

About half of the Americans who are undergoing a struggle with substance abuse are also dealing with a co-occurring disorder. There are myriad possible co-occurring mental health disorders that can complicate the process of addiction recovery. Fortunately, we are able to ensure these types of clients can get the care they need through the utilization of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Dual diagnosis ensure the client will not continue to experience the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder after leaving our Franklin, New Hampshire drug addiction treatment center, thus maximizing the client’s chances at reaching their recovery goals.

When clients complete their treatment at our addiction recovery center in Franklin, New Hampshire, they will receive an individualized plan for aftercare treatment. Depending on the individual and unique combination of responsibilities and needs you have upon leaving our drug rehab clinic, your aftercare treatment plan will be uniquely suited to your life. We want to make sure we can continue to promote positive recovery after you’ve graduated from our program. Get in touch with our specialists now and we can help guide you toward the goals that you set for recovery.

Addiction is an insidious and cruel disease that can lay waste to the lives of anyone it touches. If you have identified that addiction has taken control of your life, and you realize that you need professional support in order to overcome substance abuse, get in touch with the experts at our drug rehab clinic. We are here and ready to answer any inquiries you may have about addiction recovery treatment at our Franklin, New Hampshire location. Contact us now and you can begin your recovery journey immediately. No matter what your situation, we can provide you with addiction recovery support.

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