Hooksett Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If unattended, addiction can become rampant and cause permanent damage in someone’s life. While the problems seem small at first, the addiction grows over time and can consume one’s everyday activities. Thankfully, we have a variety of treatment options to choose from. Hooksett addiction specialists are ready to help you find the right addiction program.

Hooksett Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Patients in an inpatient drug rehabilitation center tend to stay longer than those in an outpatient program, usually staying between three months to a year or more if necessary. It is seen as the more intensive program since you are taken away from your daily life for an extended period, but this is often times more effective because you are able to keep yourself from the daily triggers and distractions associated with drug addiction.

In these inpatient programs, medical professionals are available to assist patients with their detoxing and withdrawal symptoms that are hard to battle on their own. Whether you are detoxing from heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, marijuana or another drug, all staff members at the Hooksett inpatient drug rehabilitation centers have experience with tackling these different withdrawal symptoms and have medication and therapy methods designed to assist in recovery.

While there are shared rooms at the inpatient centers, there are also private rooms available at most facilities. Counselors and medical staff are available for all patients in the inpatient programs in case support is needed at any hour. This constant attention and medical supervision is another reason why our inpatient rehab centers are a great option for those battling drug addiction.

Hooksett Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Intensive outpatient addiction treatment involves an individual coming to the facility for treatment. This provides more flexibility so they can continue to fulfill their regular responsibilities, such as going to work or taking care of their children. Treatment frequency depends on a person’s specific needs. In the early stages, the patient will likely come in every day. This is especially true for an outpatient Hooksett drug detox program. As the patient improves, the treatment frequency may be lower.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the intensive process of outpatient addiction treatment. For some people, an outpatient program can be a convenient option. However, they won’t be out of the environment where they started their addiction. It requires a collective effort on the patient’s part to attend treatment consistently and to avoid temptations in their daily lives. Our addiction specialists can connect people from all over, including people living in Manchester, Concord and Pembroke, with outpatient programs in Hooksett.

Hooksett Addiction Treatment Programs

Among both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, there are quite a few programs and techniques used to treat addiction. A detox program involves quitting drugs and often experiencing withdrawal symptoms under close medical supervision. The staff may use medications to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms. These medications are sometimes still used as the patient progresses through the program until they’re no longer necessary.

Another method, known as cognitive behavior therapy, involves identifying thoughts and emotions that are causing the patient to use drugs and changing their thoughts to more positive ones. In group therapy, a group of patients talk to a counselor together. This is great for providing patients with the support of their peers. Treatment programs also typically set up one-on-one time for patients with a counselor.

Many addiction treatment programs will use a combination of techniques to get the best results for their patients. Our addiction specialists will talk to individuals about the types of treatment programs that they’ve previously gone through. This helps them assess what kind of results the individual has gotten and determine which treatment program may be best for them.

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