Seabrook Drug and Alcohol Rehab

One of the most difficult aspects of treating addiction is getting the person who is abusing drugs or alcohol to realize the damage they are doing to their lives. While this can be challenging, once someone has come to grips with the fact that their substance use is spiraling out of control, the best move you or a loved one can do is to come to an experienced drug rehab center with a proven track record of getting clients on the road to recovery.

Creating an open, trusting environment

Our addiction treatment center in Seabrook, New Hampshire is a place you can get the treatment you need. With a program based on community, our Seabrook addiction recovery facility helps hundreds of people each year overcome addiction, allowing them to piece their lives together and establish a sustainable recovery.

Our drug rehab clinic in Seabrook is dedicated to the idea that, in order to help those who have fallen to substance abuse, it is necessary to completely retrain how they are socially, mentally, and physically. Because so many people who end up with a substance abuse disorder begin using as a means to self-medicate mental illness and engage socially with others, it is of crucial importance to retrain the client’s brain to fully function without the aid of their preferred substance.

One of the ways our substance abuse treatment facility in Seabrook accomplishes this is by creating a strong community, which often serves as an extended support network long after the client has left the facility. The people with whom the client goes through treatment often become lifelong friends and serve as a scaffolding on which the client can build their new, drug-free life.

All too often, those who attempt “cold-turkey” detox end up falling back into drug use when they are put back into their old social situations without time to readjust to life without the aid of drugs or alcohol. In fact, this failure to adequately adjust has frequently been identified as one of the leading factors in substance abuse remission.

With a strong, extended support network, the client has much higher chances of being able to successfully cope with sobriety once they leave the addiction recovery center in Seabrook.


Our program is tailored specifically to the individual. Because everyone’s addiction experience is different, our addiction treatment clinic in Seabrook carefully shapes the treatment regimen to the individual’s needs, taking evidence of what has worked into account from the past.

Our program also creates a personable and rewarding environment, with staff members who are friendly and easy to talk to. Taken together, these things provide a powerful means to get clients on the road to permanent recovery. Give Addiction Now a call today, we can help set up an appointment for your free consultation at our drug rehab center in Seabrook, New Hampshire.

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