Weare Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It’s difficult to know when a habit of using drugs or alcohol has progressed from the recreational use to the dangerous realm of abuse and addiction. If you have experienced consequences from your drug use that has affected your work, relationships or health, you are suffering from a substance abuse disorder.

While it is ultimately up to the individual to make the choice to enter a drug rehab center for treatment, the person who has admitted that they have a problem has the best chance to overcome this disease. Coming to terms with your condition is mandatory. Then, taking the road to recovery is through choosing the right addiction treatment center. Luckily, Addiction Now is here to help.

Our drug rehab center in Weare, New Hampshire has helped thousands of clients get off drugs and alcohol to get back on their feet. With a state-of-the-art treatment program, our addiction recovery center in Weare has successfully treated thousands of clients, helping them achieve a state of lasting sobriety, and allowing them to put their life back together.

Going through detox

One of the most important aspects of substance abuse recovery is to properly detox. The individual seeking recovery needs to be supervised interminably for this to be successful. Detox means completely eliminating all traces of the substance from the body, allowing the body to begin the process of adjusting to life without the chemical.

With some drugs, this is typically a matter of making sure that the client is comfortable and does not give in to the inevitable cravings for more of their preferred drug of abuse. But for other drugs, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines, more careful monitoring is required.

Our addiction treatment clinic in Weare has trained professionals on staff, who have successfully carried out thousands of detoxifications, from the mildest to the most complex cases. At our Weare addiction recovery facility, you can go through the detox process confident that your comfort and safety will always be priority number one.

Dual diagnosis is critical

Another extremely important aspect of recovery is having any concomitant mental illnesses diagnosed immediately. Known as dual diagnosis, the identification of any underlying mental disorders that have either caused or exacerbated substance abuse is a crucial step in getting the clients to lasting recovery.

Our drug rehab clinic in Weare has certified psychologists on staff at all times. These professionals are capable of correctly diagnosing any underlying mental disorder that may be leading the client to use drugs or alcohol. Once identified, successful treatment of such conditions can begin immediately. For clients who are suffering from a serious mental health condition, this can often expedite the recovery process, leading the client to instantly show improvement and no longer need to self-medicate.

Creating a trusting environment

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Weare, New Hampshire is built on a highly-trusting, open environment in which clients can feel free to discuss whatever is on their mind. This is a crucial step to help people function in social settings without their drug of choice. Creating new behaviors is key. You can’t do this without the help of a drug rehab network like Addiction Now. Call us today to get started.

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