Perth Amboy Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The friendly and well-trained staff at our Perth Amboy, New Jersey substance abuse treatment facility is dedicated to ensuring that our clients achieve the goals that they have decided upon for their recovery. This means that we will provide the support necessary to get our clients the resources and knowledge they need to succeed. If you’re dealing with substance abuse, you don’t need to continue your struggle alone. We are committed to our clients here at our drug rehab clinic, and enrollment is just a single phone call away. There are a plethora of reasons you should consider our center.

Regardless of how you first became entangled in addiction, we want to provide you with the support you need. Every client at our Perth Amboy, New Jersey drug rehab center begins in the same fashion: by taking part in a comprehensive intake interview with one of our welcoming specialists. Once we’ve worked closely to get to know you and identify the specific areas where you need additional support, we’ll be able to formulate an addiction recovery treatment plan that will offer you the best possible chance of attaining the goals you have set for recovery. We want to be sure you have the best possible treatment strategy for your individual situation!

In order to ensure that you get the specialized treatment that will provide the best possible chance that you successfully attain your goals for recovery, we provide all of our clients with a full spectrum of possible treatment options. We know that the type of treatment that will best serve your needs will not necessarily be the same treatment that will best benefit your peers. Fortunately, our Perth Amboy, New Jersey addiction treatment facility provides a full complement of possible treatment options for our clients. No matter what type of treatment will best serve your needs, we can provide you with that support.

In roughly half of clients, this means affording them the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This is because about 50% of Americans who are dealing with addiction are also facing a co-occurring mental health disorder. This co-occurring mental health disorder can complicate both the addiction and the overall process of recovery. In order to ensure these types of clients get the support they need to make an effective and lasting recovery, our Perth Amboy, New Jersey drug treatment clinic provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment to clients who struggle with a co-occurring disorder. By treating the co-occurring disorder we can provide our clients with a chance to reach the goals they have set for recovery.

When it comes time to leave our Perth Amboy, New Jersey substance abuse treatment center after you have graduated from our program, you will do so with the complete confidence that our staff will continue to offer you support throughout your recovery journey. Aftercare plans will vary from person from person, since they are customized to suit your unique set of needs and responsibilities.

Are you ready to begin the journey to recovery? The time to take control of your life once again has arrived. Contact one of our addiction specialists now to begin your recovery immediately.

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