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Recovery at Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Our drug rehab center can help those suffering from addiction. It is a place where clients can reclaim their lives, and our staff will help them attempt to heal from the fallout of substance abuse. It is a place for not only physical healing, but mental and spiritual recovery, as well.

Our addiction treatment center in Plainfield, New Jersey offers emotional and physical support, as well as the safe and secure environment that our clients need to help them through the duration of recovery. Starting with supervised detox and continuing through aftercare, our clients are supported through a variety of treatments, therapeutic strategies, and group support.

Detox is a not only physically challenging, but the idea can be intimidating, as well. At our Plainfield, New Jersey addiction recovery facility, the client is monitored and supported throughout this difficult stage. With an experienced staff who knows how to keep the client safe and comfortable, the detox process can not only be safe, but less emotionally taxing.

In addition to supervised detox, our Plainfield, New Jersey drug rehab clinic can offer mental health diagnosis and treatment thanks to dual diagnosis. Addiction and co-occurring mental disorders can create a more complicated path to recovery, but one which is surmountable with the assistance of our addiction recovery treatment center. To successfully achieve recovery, co-occurring mental disorders need to be diagnosed and proper treatment must be administered. Monitoring and supervision during this process improves the likelihood of success.

Open and honest communication is also necessary for addiction recovery. Support groups at our Plainfield, New Jersey addiction recovery center offer a safe community where clients can openly tell their stories, and share their concerns and struggles. It also provides a place where they can share the joy when they have victories. Not only does this candid communication help the client understand that others are struggling with similar issues, but it gives our experts information that can be useful when creating an individualized treatment program.

The precise formula for recovery is different for each client. A trained and experienced expert from our Plainfield, New Jersey substance abuse treatment facility can concoct a unique plan of treatment, including various therapies and aftercare strategies, all of which will help each client maintain their recovery. The unique needs of each client must be assessed and considered in order for the process to be as successful as possible.

Aftercare is an essential stage in the process of addiction recovery. Clients will need a variety of support after they leave our Plainfield, New Jersey addiction treatment clinic. This support varies by client, but may include continued group therapy, continued treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, and regular visits with a trained therapist. Your aftercare plan will be fully customized to suit your unique needs and the responsibilities you must maintain after leaving our clinic.

If you’re ready to begin working your way toward recovery, our friendly staff is waiting to help provide you with the support you need. Get in touch right now, and you’ll be able to immediately begin working toward recovery.

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