Raton Drug Alcohol Rehab

Drug addiction is a singular affliction that can befall people and their families. It’s an altogether crushing force that won’t subside until people decide that they have had enough abuse. When a person finally resolves to get help, it’s possible to overcome addiction through a specially designed individual plan. Our Raton, New Mexico drug rehab center helps clients who are dealing with substance addiction. We have developed a plethora of strategies that give our clients the best chance of success and peace of mind while they are going through the recovery process.

Supervised Detox

When a client has stopped using drugs, they will begin to go through the process of detox. The detox process is sometimes a challenge. Clients may be tempted to return to substance abuse at this point in the addiction recovery process. By providing supervised detox at our Raton, New Mexico addiction treatment center, we ensure that there’s someone by their side for the duration of this part of the process.

Empowering change through a community of like-minded people

Support groups often help individuals gain strength by sharing the struggles they face as they work toward recovery. Our Raton, New Mexico addiction treatment clinic is all about community. We make sure clients are surrounded by peers who can help them form the foundations of a sober support network. While a client is going through the process, they’ll have an opportunity to bond and relate with their fellow clients. This exponentially improves the rate of success.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

In roughly half of our clients, in addition to an addition, there is also a struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder. Dual diagnosis is necessary to truly help clients in this particular situation overcome their addiction and their co-occurring mental health disorder. Our Raton, New Mexico addiction recovery facility utilizes dual diagnosis mental health treatment to ensure every client gets the care they need. This means treating the co-occurring mental health conditions as well as their addiction.

A process steeped in safety

Our Raton, New Mexico drug rehab clinic is designed to ensure the safety of our clients while we help them through the recovery process. In order for one to truly succeed at addiction recovery, they have to be able to go through detox, therapy, complete the addiction recovery treatment program, and take part in aftercare. We make sure that clients are safe throughout the process.

Individualized care gets results

Every client deserves to receive care based on their own personal situation. We understand that every person might struggle with a particular co-occurring mental health situation or have different outside responsibilities. For this reason, our Raton, New Mexico substance abuse treatment facility will develop a customized plan for each individual client to follow. In our years of helping people at Raton, New Mexico addiction recovery center, we’ve always treated clients as individuals who have their own value. With that in mind, we take the time to put together an effective plan.

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