Cheektowaga (CDP) Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Care and Professionalism Matters in Drug Rehab Facilities

Drug treatment begins in the supervised detox program at our Cheektowaga, New York addiction recovery facility. During the supervised detox process, it’s important to be monitored, so that you stay safe throughout the process. The detox process can produce uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, and most people who try to detox at home are not successful. With careful supervision, you will be able to withdraw from substances and move on to more extensive treatment at our drug rehab clinic.

If you have co-occurring mental health issue, our Cheektowaga, New York drug rehab center can provide dual diagnosis mental health treatment. You will be able to receive treatment for both your addiction and your co-occurring mental health disorder at the same time. No matter what the exact nature of the co-occurring disorder, dual diagnosis can ensure that both issues will be addressed at the same time.

You will get excellent care at our Cheektowaga, New York addiction treatment clinic. Our staff is professional, and will provide you with a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn more about recovery. When you feel safe in treatment, you are likely to participate more in the program.

As you build trust within our Cheektowaga, New York addiction treatment center, you will begin to meet others who are struggling with similar issues. The community you meet at our addiction recovery center are often the people with whom you will forge a sober support network upon graduation from our program. Clients within the drug rehab facility support one another, and many of these acquaintances can turn into lifelong friends.

When you attend treatment in a drug rehab clinic, you’ll get the most out of your stay if you speak honestly about what led to your addiction. While it may be hard to share your story at first, it is vital to your success that you don’t try to hide what has been going on in your life. The only way through addiction is to share your story and learn new ways to cope with stress beyond abusing substances.

At a substance abuse treatment facility, you will work closely with a counselor to talk about your treatment plan. Everyone is unique, and your treatment plan will be developed to address your singular needs. If you are nervous about returning home, your treatment plan can include a longer stay in a rehabilitation facility. If you have a strong support network at home, you might return home and go to rehab as an outpatient.

Rehabilitation begins with detox and continues on throughout a lifetime. While the urge to use substances may dissipate over time, learning how to cope with stress can be a lifelong process. You may be encouraged to work with an individual therapist to learn new coping strategies, or taught various relaxation techniques to better handle stress.

Recovery is a journey. The more you learn about your triggers, the more you can replace your negative coping skills with positive ones. Drug rehabilitation may begin with detox, but it’s a process where you never really stop learning. As you gain your health, you will find that living without drugs or alcohol becomes easier.

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