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Drug addiction is an increasingly common issue that adversely impacts the lives of millions of Americans daily. If you think you might be caught up in the debilitating and dangerous net of drug addiction, now is the time to take action. Learn more about substance abuse and discover how enrolling in our Utica, New York drug rehab clinic can help you turn your life around by reviewing the information found below.

Signs Of Substance Abuse

Sometimes people think they are caught in a cycle of substance abuse, but they don’t know which signs to watch out for. Over time, individuals who are addicted to drugs will need to take higher quantities of the illicit substance to attain the same effect. When the illicit substance wears off, the individual will experience physical withdrawal symptoms. An individual struggling with addiction will spend excessive periods of time thinking about their drug of choice. Thoughts could involve how you’ll obtain the drug, where you’ll use it, and the physical or mental high you’ll experience upon using it.

The Drug Rehab Center: A Brief Overview

Once you realize that you’re in need of professional rehabilitation services, it’s time to locate the ideal addiction treatment center. At our Utica, New York addiction recovery center, you’ll be able to obtain the wide range of treatment services necessary to facilitate holistic recovery. One of the services that you’ll receive within our recovery facility is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This form of treatment ensures that you’ll be able to receive recovery services for both substance abuse issues and any co-occurring mental health disorders that you may also be struggling against. For example, many individuals who experience addiction also grapple with a co-occurring mental health disorder.

Note that the rehabilitation process that transpires within our Utica, New York addiction recovery facility will typically incorporate multiple services to ensure holistic restoration. The first stage of the rehabilitation process is detoxification. The detox process is designed to ensure that the client will receive support and ongoing supervision as the body rids itself of the remnants of the illicit substance. Supervised detox prevents unpleasant outcomes that might result from sudden cessation of drug use. It can also help the client become abstinent from illicit substances.

The second stage of the rehabilitation process will typically be therapy. There are a wide range of therapies available, one of which is cognitive therapy. Within the addiction recovery facility setting, clients will have access to both group counseling and one-on-one counseling.

The third part of rehabilitation is aftercare. Aftercare services are immensely important because they provide clients with the resources and support necessary to facilitate success in daily life. One example of our aftercare service would be a mentor teaching the client life skills which enable them to manage finances, excel in school, develop healthy relationships, and so on.

Why Choose Our Addiction Treatment Clinic?

Once you realize the essential role that enrollment in our Utica, New York drug rehab clinic will play in facilitating recovery, it’s time to find the perfect addiction recovery center. By choosing us, you’ll receive recovery services in a substance abuse treatment facility where primacy is placed on cultivating community. By placing an emphasis on community, we create a setting where our clients can openly and honestly discuss the struggles and triumphs they experience while on the road to recovery.

Another reason you should consider our recovery facility is because we offer individualized treatment plans. These plans ensure that our staff members understand the unique challenges faced by each client, and subsequently respond by offering specific, contextual treatment services. Finally, we place an emphasis on maintaining a facility where the client will be safe. In this safe environment, we can optimize care to ensure the client’s well being through each stage of the rehabilitation process.

Pursue Restoration And Recovery Now!

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to move beyond drug addiction and into recovery, we can help you. Our drug rehab center in Utica, New York is more than a recovery facility. As a community of people who care deeply about the clients we serve, we’re a team of compassionate rehabilitation experts who will offer you the dynamic, detail-oriented services necessary to help you come alive and thrive. Contact us now so we can schedule your appointment and get you on the road to restoration immediately!

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