Fuquay-Varina Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For those struggling with addiction, it may feel like you will never get out of this vicious cycle. Luckily Addiction Now is here to help. You can get the treatment and guidance you need at our addiction treatment center in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. What you need to do first, however, is to admit to yourself and your loved ones that you have a problem you can’t control nor overcome on your own. Once you come to terms that you have a brain disease, not a moral failing, you will be able to begin treatment at our drug rehab clinic in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

First, you will begin by going through the process of detox. During this period, you will be supervised interminably in order to establish a foundation of sobriety that will be the basis of the rest of your treatment. This process must be conducted carefully in order to make sure it is the proper foundation for your treatment into the future.

Then you will begin therapy sessions. First you will meet with a professional therapist to create your treatment plan and work on getting down to the core of your addiction. Nearly half the people who come to us for addiction treatment are also in need of mental health treatment. Everyone who gets treated at our Fuquay-Varina addiction treatment facility is screened for mental health disorder and other exacerbating complications.

You will also begin group therapy, where you will meet with people who are going through similar challenges. Here you will get the chance to vent your fears, ask for insightful advice, and get the satisfaction of helping others. Group therapy creates a community that is very important when it comes to recovery from addiction. You need people there to support you, help you, and guide you. No one can do that better than the people who have been through these experiences or are still going through them. The empathy you give and receive will motivate and inspire you.

When you go to leave treatment at our Fuquay-Varina substance abuse center, you will leave with the support of everyone you’ve met and the guidance of your comprehensive, custom-designed addiction treatment program.

Don’t wait any longer to change your life. To get started, pick up the phone and call Addiction Now today. We will get you going by setting up an appointment for your free consultation at our drug rehab center in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. You won’t regret the day you chose to change your life forever.

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