Garner Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Supervised Treatment Leads to Higher Sobriety Success Rates

For people who need treatment for addiction, an Addiction Now drug rehab clinic is the safest way to detox from drugs or alcohol. It is dangerous to try to wean off of drugs or alcohol on your own. While some people don’t realize it, withdrawing threatens your success if not done under the supervision of an addiction treatment clinic.

If you have an underlying mental health diagnosis, you need a drug rehab center that provides dual diagnosis treatment. This means that you will be getting help for your addiction, as well as for any mental health conditions that are exacerbating and getting in the way of your sobriety.

The goal of our addiction treatment center in Garner, North Carolina is to provide a safe environment for those dealing with addiction. To begin the recovery process, our drug rehab facility in Garner will provide group counseling and provide plenty of opportunities to share what you are going through.

Peer support is widely recommended in our Garner addiction recovery center. You will be a part of building a community while you are in treatment, and many of the individuals you meet will become an extended support group while you’re in treatment and once you return to daily life. The friends you make while in recovery are often friends that will last a lifetime.

While attending support groups at our Garner addiction recovery facility, you won’t be able to get as much help from the groups if you aren’t honest. While you may be nervous about telling your story, the environment is a safe space for you to share. Counselors have heard all kinds of stories and everyone in the room is obligated to sit, listen, and keep the information within the group setting.

With the help of a counselor in our Garner substance abuse treatment facility, you will work on an individualized treatment plan. This is a plan that maps out your road to recovery and caters to your specific needs. Your treatment plan can change any time it needs to change, but you’ll be expected to follow through with the recommended treatment to the best of your ability.

Rehabilitation takes on a wide variety of forms. In the early stage of detox, the most important issues are staying safe while physically removing drugs or alcohol from your body. This can be a dangerous time, and trying to detox at home is never suggested.

Once the detox process is complete, it’s time to learn new ways to cope with stress other than turning to substances. For some people, this means living in a residential facility, while others are able to return home and attend programs as an outpatient.

When you go to leave, you will get recommended aftercare services put into your comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Our treatment counselors may suggest learning techniques such as yoga or meditation to help you relax, encourage you to go to individual therapy, and recommend attending support groups that are in t. The more ways you can learn to cope with the stress in life, the easier time you will have remaining sober.

Sobriety is a journey. You have the power to begin this journey at any time, but call our addiction treatment center immediately to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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