Mint Hill Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Immediate Relief And Hope For Rehab Clients

The disease of addiction is slow and subtle. Consequences of addiction include personality changes, interpersonal problems, and lost jobs or days at school. Physical symptoms may develop as the addiction progresses, causing a person to become irate or depressed. As time goes by, addiction can affect every facet of someone’s life, leaving them at a loss for solutions. These people may find that they want to quit, but are unable to do so. This is where our Mint Hill, North Carolina drug rehab clinic enters the picture and changes things for the better.

Supervised Detox

Detox at our Mint Hill, North Carolina drug rehab center begins the moment a client enters the door and makes a commitment to stay sober. It’s important for the detox to be supervised at our addiction treatment center, because there can be complications that might occur in certain situations. With supervision, clients are able to recover in a safe environment where they can be comfortable. Our addiction recovery facility affords clients the opportunity to recover in a clean, safe facility, around people who truly care about their well being.

Individual treatment plans

After a client makes it through detox, they move onto the next phase of recovery. This includes individualized treatment plans that are catered to the individual’s needs. Individual therapy gives the client their best chance at recovery. This is because they can have a psychiatric evaluation that reveals any co-occurring mental condition that might accompany the addiction. The chance of relapse is greater if the client has a co-occurring mental disorder that is neglected in their treatment plan. Fortunately, during their therapy sessions and through careful observation by staff, co-occurring mental conditions are treatable thanks to dual diagnosis, facilitating the process of recovery.

Extended support

Peers are often an invaluable asset in recovery. Community support within our Mint Hill, North Carolina substance abuse treatment facility gives a client a greater chance of sustaining a long-term recovery. Clients are able to speak openly and honestly in a group setting, and learn from the experiences of their peers. This encourages emotional and spiritual growth during recovery.

Recovering In An Addiction Recovery Center

A combination of supervised detox, individual therapy, and group meetings will all aid clients in their efforts to reach recovery. Our Mint Hill, North Carolina addiction treatment clinic offers these components in their regimen of treatment, and our program offers excellent aftercare. This means that we will develop a personalized aftercare treatment plan for every client. This might include measures to give the client access to ongoing therapy and group meetings. The first step toward recovery is calling and asking about admission to our facility.

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