Statesville Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you struggle with substance abuse, our Statesville, North Carolina drug rehab clinic is here to help you overcome addiction. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing our clients with the support they need to achieve recovery. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know that providing every client with a personalized plan for recovery is the best way to ensure the efficacy of our addiction recovery programs. To this end, you will begin your time at our addiction recovery center by taking part in an intake interview. The information we gather during this interview will be essential in creating the perfect plan for your specific needs.

No matter what type of treatment you need to overcome addiction, we can provide you with the support you need. This is thanks to the full complement of treatment options we provide at our Statesville, North Carolina drug rehab clinic. We offer traditional therapeutic strategies, such as individual therapy sessions, where you’ll meet with a counselor on a one-on-one basis. We also offer more holistic treatment strategies, such as music therapy and yoga. The therapy strategies that work best for one client may not necessarily be the same that work best for another, but by working closely with each of our clients, we can determine which combination of treatments will prove most effective on a case-by-case basis.

Most clients take part in group therapy sessions. In fact, when many people think of addiction recovery treatment, group therapy is what springs to mind. While this isn’t wholly accurate, as the addiction recovery programs we provide here at our Statesville, North Carolina drug rehab facility include many different components, group therapy is an important part of recovery. During group therapy sessions, you’ll meet with you peers in the substance abuse treatment clinic. You will speak aloud to the group and share your knowledge and experiences, and you will listen as your fellow clients share their perspectives and stories. Group therapy can provide immeasurable support toward recovery.

Some clients who join us at our Statesville, North Carolina addiction recovery treatment center are attempting to deal with a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to addiction. In these cases, we provide the benefit of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This provides clients with the best possible chance of reaching their recovery goals and overcoming addiction. During the intake process, our friendly experts will screen for possible co-occurring mental health disorders, ensuring the client gets the support they need even if they aren’t aware that they have been struggling with a co-occurring disorder.

When clients are ready to leave our Statesville, North Carolina addiction recovery center, we want to be sure they have the support they need. In order to ensure this, when our clients are ready to embark on the next leg of their recovery journey, we provide them with a personalized plan for aftercare treatment. The specific treatments included will vary based on the needs of the client, and the responsibilities they face upon leaving our drug rehab clinic. We want to give every client the best chance of reaching their goals for recovery.

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