Gibbs Drug and Alcohol Rehab

As many addiction experts are aware, substance abuse can take a negative toll on an individual’s life. First, drug addiction can lead to social isolation and thereby compromise the individual’s ability to maintain healthy relationships with friends and family members. Addiction can also cause financial hardships as the individual spends a great deal of money obtaining more and more of the illicit substance.

Some of the other issues generated by drug abuse may include trouble with the law, low self-esteem, and compromised performance in one’s careers or academic life. If you’re currently dealing with the negative consequences of drug addiction, know that you can change. Read on to learn more about the importance of attaining professional treatment services and why we are the ideal drug rehab center to recover for those in Gibbs, North Dakota.

Why Finding The Right Addiction Recovery Center Is Important

Once you realize that you’re dealing with drug addiction, it’s time to locate an addiction treatment center. Taking this step is imperative because it ensures that you will attain the supervised, informed treatment services necessary to restore your well being. Those individuals who attain recovery services and care in our Gibbs, North Dakota substance abuse treatment facility are much more likely to overcome addiction and remain sober once they have graduated from our addiction recovery treatment program.

Another reason that attaining professional treatment services at our Gibbs, North Dakota addiction recovery facility are essential derives from the fact that there are specific services that you must receive to recovery successfully. One example would be supervised detoxification. The detoxification process is immensely important, because it ensures that toxic drugs can be removed from your body adequately. By supervising clients through each stage of the detox, facility professionals ensure that the individuals in their care can overcome the withdrawal symptoms that may accompany the cessation of substance abuse.

Another important recovery service that clients receive at our Gibbs, North Dakota addiction treatment clinic is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This treatment service helps recovery professionals treat any client who is dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder, thus providing a better chance at recovery.

Why Choose Our Drug Rehab Clinic

When you start thinking about which drug rehab program would best serve your needs, consider our Gibbs, North Dakota substance abuse treatment center. In addition to providing our clients with a safe environment where they can feel comfortable discussing their recovery challenges with others, we’re pleased to offer individualized treatment plans. These plans are customized to cater to the distinct needs of each client we serve, and this individualized approach helps ensure that we understand all of the unique issues that should be discussed and resolved during the journey into recovery.

At our Gibbs, North Dakota drug rehab center, we provide clients with a comprehensive rehabilitation program that addresses their mental, physical, and spiritual needs. The first step is supervised detoxification, and we provide our clients with ongoing supervision throughout this process. The second step is therapy, and this can involve behavioral therapy or cognitive therapy services. We’re also pleased to coordinate one-on-one counseling sessions in conjunction with group counseling when this will benefit the client. Finally, we offer aftercare programs that ensure that the client can maintain their recovery after leaving our center.


If you’re currently struggling with substance abuse and are ready to get help, we are the team to trust. More than just a drug rehab center, we are a community of client-oriented professionals who maintain a deep passion for helping people overcome addiction, allowing them to realize their personal and professional dreams. We’re ready to assist you now, so contact our drug rehab center in Gibbs, North Dakota to speak with one of our friendly addiction technicians today.

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